Celebrities Who Played College Football

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Which stars played college football? The answer might surprise you.

1. Joel McHale

Joel McHale
Before he made us laugh on Community, Joel McHale made defenses pay as tight end for Washington.

2. Suge Knight

Suge Knight
Suge Knight played defensive tackle at UNLV. We'd run the other way if he came after us.

3. Bill Goldberg

Bill Goldberg
Bill Goldberg was a beast on the college gridiron before he was a beast inside the wrestling ring.

4. Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones
Protect the blind side! Tommy Lee Jones did this back in the day for Harvard.

5. Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon
Mark Harmon leads the way on NCIS. But he used to lead the way for UCLA as quarterback.

6. Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox
I'm open! Former Lost star Matthew Fox used to try and lose defenders as a wideout for Columbia.

7. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold Steve Austin played fullback for North Texas. Is anyone surprised?

8. Ed O’Neill

Ed O’Neill
Ed O’Neill rushed the passer as a Defensive End for Youngstown State.

9. Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds hit the holes as a running back for Florida State back in his college days.

10. Dean Cain

Dean Cain
Dean Cain flew across the field as a safety at Princeton. But an injury derailed his NFL dreams.

11. Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby
Now, Bill Cosby makes us laugh. Then, Bill Cosby made opponents miss as a Temple fullback.

12. John Goodman

John Goodman
John Goodman used his girth to play offensive lineman for Missouri State.

13. John Wayne

John Wayne
John Wayne lit up linebackers as the offensive tacke for USC before he lit up the big screen.

14. Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan played offensive guard for Eureka. Then he was an actor. Then he was the President!

15. The Rock

The Rock
Opponents of Miami University smelled what The Rock was cooking when he played on the defensive line in the 1990s.

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