Celebrities Use Twitter for the First Time

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Go back in time, readers, and relive the first Tweets by a number of celebrities here.

1. Ellen's First Tweet

Ellen's First Tweet
This is Ellen's first-ever Tweet. And, yes, it's called a Tweet.

2. Taylor Swift's First Tweet

Taylor Swift's First Tweet
Taylor Swift's first Tweet? It was actually a RE Tweet of something Justin Bieber said.

3. Lady Gaga's First Tweet

Lady Gaga's First Tweet
This is how it all started for Lady Gaga. She now is one of the most followed celebrities around.

4. Miley's First Tweet

Miley's First Tweet
The first Miley Cyrus Tweet did not involve a topless photo or any crotch grabbing. AMAZING!

5. Britney's First Tweet

Britney's First Tweet
Britney Spears kicked off her Twitter career in very official, professional fashion.

6. Obama's First Tweet

Obama's First Tweet
Barack Obama's first Tweet was very funny. But it was very important.

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