Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra: We're Gonna Have More Kids NOW!

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Saying it's been a rough year for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra would be putting it very mildly.

Catelynn recently left rehab after suffering a string of setbacks that exacerbated her various mental health issues.

Late last year, Lowell suffered a miscarriage after several months of trying to get pregnant.

Now surprisingly, the tragedy sent her into a deep depression, but it seems she and Tyler remain dedicated to expanding their family.

Here's what we know so far about Catelynn and Tyler's exciting plans...

1. Pressing On

Pressing On
Catelynn and Tyler are still reeling from a tremendously difficult year, but they've held on to one another - and to their shared optimistic outlook on the future.

2. Courageous Cate

Courageous Cate
Catelynn has checked into rehab three times in the past year. She's been diagnosed with PTSD and a number of other mental health issues.

3. A Secret Tragedy

A Secret Tragedy
Early in her treatment, Catelynn hinted at a recent painful event that led her to spiral into a deep depression. But it wasn't until recently that she opened up with regard to the specifics.

4. A Mother's Grief

A Mother's Grief
Fans were shocked to learn that Catelynn had suffered a miscarriage. The mother of two has long been open about her desire to welcome more children into the world, and she was clearly crushed by the tragic turn of events.

5. Hard Conversations

Hard Conversations
Catelynn and Tyler have both been admirably honest about their diagnoses. In an interview, Lowell revealed that she suffers from PTSD as a result of a difficult childhood and her recent miscarriage.

6. One Younger Sibling - Coming Up!

One Younger Sibling - Coming Up!
Despite their recent difficulties, Catelynn and Tyler are determined to have at least one more child. The Teen Mom OG favorites shared the exciting news with fans earlier this week.

7. On the Upswing

On the Upswing
"I feel way better," Catelynn said in an interview on Kailyn Lowry's podcast. Lowell says her doctors made some crucial adjustments in the medications that have allowed to live a much more wll-rounded life.

8. A Long Way to Go

A Long Way to Go
Catelynn told Kail that she recently realized her psychological issues stem "from the trauma in my past, so I'm going to have to keep digging deep into that."

9. Spreading the Word

Spreading the Word
Catelynn also opened up about her decision to share so much of her struggle with fans. 'I think it needs to be out there," she told Kailyn.

10. A Universal Probelm

A Universal Probelm
"That stigma needs to go away because people need to talk about it. It's out there and it's real and it affects people, even normal people, people on reality TV, moms, etc.," Lowell elaborated.

11. Tyler's Take

Tyler's Take
"A lot of people will comment on social media and they'll just say the nastiest things and it's all through ignorance because they don't really understand the disease or understand the illness," Baltierra added.

12. Rejecting Ignorance

Rejecting Ignorance
"They keep thinking, 'Oh, you're depressed. Just get up and get a hobby and fix it,' and it all comes out of pure ignorance," Tyler continued.

13. Educating Viewers

Educating Viewers
"The more we talk about it," Tyler went on, "the more educated people become about it and will lessen that stigma."

14. Curious Kail

Curious Kail
Kail's a pretty sharp interviewer, so naturally, she asked the Baltierras the question that's on the mind of every Teen Mom fan: Will they be having more kids?

15. Tyler Knows What He Wants

Tyler Knows What He Wants
"I want more kids," Tyler said without hesitation. "I definitely do."

16. A Tough Question

A Tough Question
Of course, the question might not be so easy for Catelynn, who's still overcoming a life-altering trauma.

17. On the Same Page

On the Same Page
"We definitely want more kids, especially after the miscarriage and stuff," Catelynn added after a short pause.

18. No Easy Answer

No Easy Answer
Cate went on to address the elephant in the room by discussing how she feels about getting pregnant again following such a recent miscarriage.

19. Taking It Slow

Taking It Slow
"We're kind of not rushing into things right now, because we were there, and then I had the miscarriage, and then I just went downhill, so I want to make sure that I'm healthy and happy," she said. We wish the Baltierras the best in whatever they choose to do.

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