Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra: Ready to Meet Our Daughter?!?

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She's here, and she's perfect.

No, really, Teen Mom OG fans:

We mean she is LITERALLY right here. At last.

About two weeks after welcoming daughter Rya Rose into the worrld, Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra have presented a number of cute and close-up photos of the precious newborn.

"Ohhhh Rya Rose," Catelynn captioned the new pictures on Instagram, "we ADORE you."

The many snapshots also featured the couple's two older daughters Novalee, 6, and Vaeda, 2, cradling the infant... although one sibling seemed a bit more hesitant than the other to do so.

Over on Tyler's page, meanwhile, the adoring father also introduced his newborn daughter to his fans and followers.

"Welcome to our little family Rya Rose," he wrote. "We love you so much!"

The same can now be said for The Hollywood Gossip. Check out the photo below -- and prepare to melt!

1. Announcing... Rya!

Announcing... Rya!
Catelynn and Tyler teased the first photos of their latest daughter via this adorable snapshot. As you can see, Rya was born just under 7 pounds and measured 20 inches.

2. She's Here and Perfect

She's Here and Perfect
Previously, Tyler had simply shared this photo of little Rya shortly after she arrived. No close up or anything, though, as you can tell.


Now that she's over a week old, however, Tyler and Catelynn feel comfortable sharing their precious little one with the world.

4. But Now?

But Now?
Here she is, folks. Rya is sucking on her pacifier and staring up at her mother in this photo, shared by Catelynn to Instagram.

5. Sister Time!

Sister Time!
Nova looks pretty darn excited to have a new little sister at home, doesn't she? We love it.

6. Nova and Rya

Nova and Rya
Wait, there's more! Tyler and Catelynn can't get enough of these two daughters hanging out... and we understand why!

7. Yup, There's More!

Yup, There's More!
How can there not be? We'd click through an entire gallery of just these two cuties.

8. As for Vaeda?

As for Vaeda?
She seems a little more hesitant to embrace the newborn, doesn't she? Still: how precious!

9. Rya, Up Close

Rya, Up Close
"Welcome to our little family Rya Rose…we love you so much!" wrote father Tyler as a caption to this mesmerizing photo.

10. A Dad So in Love

A Dad So in Love
Tyler had previously posted this photo and penned as a caption: There is no better feeling in the world than hearing your baby’s little breathing sync with yours as both of your heartbeats do the same through the warmth of your skin as it touches theirs. I’m head over heels in love!

11. Exhausted. But Thrilled.

Exhausted. But Thrilled.
"Exhausted, but soaking up every second. she’s absolutely perfect. #BabyR #MomOfGirls," Catelynn wrote along this mommy-daughter photo.

12. Pssst, Over Here, Rya

Pssst, Over Here, Rya
The popular reality stars used this photo to announce they had named "Baby R" Rya Rose. We absolutely love it!

13. Oh My Gosh. Those Hands!

Oh My Gosh. Those Hands!
We'll wrap things up here -- because the photo can't be beat. Is there anything on God's green earth more precious than a newborn's teeny tiny hands and fingers?

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