Briana DeJesus vs. Ashley Jones: Teen Mom Feud EXPLODES on Twitter!

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When the Teen Mom franchise first premiered on MTV, it focused on the relatable struggles of far-flung, mostly small-town young women as they faced the challenges of new motherhood.

These days, the show has taken on a very different tone, due in large part to how famous its stars have become.

Gone are the days when the OG moms and their successors struggled with finances and career frustrations.

As the ladies of Teen Mom became wealthy and well-known their financial and family issues gave way to a different sort of conflict as the stars began to publicly lock horns with another.

Briana DeJesus and Ashley Jones are the latest moms to clash on social media, and it's looking like we may be in for the franchise's most epic feud to date.

Here's what we know so far about this epic clash of the titans ...

1. Innocent Beginnings

Innocent Beginnings
It all started with a single tweet. On Saturday night, Briana sent this message out to the world: “I f-ckkkkkkkeddddd uppppppppp.”

2. Cryptic Words

Cryptic Words
It's still not quite clear exactly what Briana meant by that, but one fellow MTV star was quick to chime in with her interpretation.

3. Ashley Sounds Off

Ashley Sounds Off
“By f-cking Javi," Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Ashley Jones tweeted in reply to Briana's mysterious remark.

4. Kail Gets Involved

Kail Gets Involved
Naturally, Bri's original rival, Kailyn Lowry, couldn't resist expressing her approval of Ashley's comments.

5. Talking Trash

Talking Trash
At first, Briana didn't respond, so Ashley kept baiting her by clashing with fans who stepped in to defend DeJesus.

6. Making Herself Clear

Making Herself Clear
"I’m referring to her fuxking her co workers / friends ex husband," Jones tweeted to one fan who dared to defend Bri. "Good try tho. I’m unbothered. Also. This tweet was to @_BrianaDejesus. Not you. Don’t like it. SCROLL."

7. Briana Drama

Briana Drama
Eventually, Briana decided to confront Ashley publicly. Not surprisingly, the situation escalated in a hurry.

8. Wassup?

"Wassup mama, why you got so much to say about me ??" Ashley tweeted. "I don’t want Javi. Never even considered him. Move along Sis."

9. Keeping Her Cool

Keeping Her Cool
For once, Bri actually came off as the more mature party, tweeting, "What? LMAO nobody talks about u weirdo. Don't even know who u are," Bri responded.

10. Assessing the Situation

Assessing the Situation
"Stop reaching lol," Briana tweeted. She seems well aware that Ashley is attempting to stir her up in order to attract attention on social media.

11. A Tricky Situation

A Tricky Situation
Of course, just because you know you're being lured, that doesn't mean you'll be able to resist taking the bait. Apparently against her will, Bri soon found herself in a public conflict with Ashley.

12. Clapping Back

Clapping Back
"Reaching for what babe? Our ratings are great. You’re the one that sold your soul to Dr. Miami for that botched ass box body," Ashley replied, referring to Bri's recent plastic surgery procedure.

13. Brittany Burn

Brittany Burn
"Seems like YOU WERE REACHING. Don’t play with me. #gogetursister," Ashley added. The comment seems to be a reference to Bri's beef with Kailyn Lowry.

14. Kail Crisis

Kail Crisis
At the taping of the most recent Teen Mom 2 reunion show, Bri's sister, Briana DeJesus, pulled Kailyn's hair.

15. The Promise of Beef to Come

The Promise of Beef to Come
It seems Ashley is spoiling for a similar face-to-face showdown with the DeJesus clan, and she thinks it will take place at an upcoming MTV event.

16. TRL Throwdown

TRL Throwdown
"Moral of the story. I don’t speak on you. Don’t speak on me. I’m not Leah, or Kail. I’m sure I’ll see you at TRL," Ashley tweeted.

17. Making Peace?

Making Peace?
She concluded by seemingly offering an olive branch to Bri ... though in somewhat threatening fashion.

18. Over Already?

Over Already?
"Can talk this whole thing out. Just make sure you leash that chihuahua. Cause we all got sisters," Ashley added.

19. Not Quite...

Not Quite...
Bri couldn't resist taking one last parting shot, pointing out that she never really had an issue with Ashley in the first place. "She beefing with herself," DeJesus tweeted. Something tells us this thing is far from over.

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