Beyonce Ordering Food is the Internet Meme We Need

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When a photo of Beyonce ordering food at a restaurant (like a normal human being!) went viral in April of 2017, the Internet simply could not handle it.

This is Queen Bey! Pregnant with twins! Simply speaking to waitress about items on a menu!

Therefore, social media users had no choice but to turn the simple photo into a hilarious meme.

Over and over and over and over. Here's a look at some of our favorite examples...

1. Anything for Beyonce

Anything for Beyonce
Something tells us Beyonce would never have the waitress do the above, but still, it's pretty comical.

2. Mahi Madness

Mahi Madness
Someone opted to imply Beyonce was not all that smart. We think they're wrong.

3. Blue Is Paying

Blue Is Paying
This one pokes fun at the fact Blue Ivy is probably one of the richest kids on the planet.

4. Beyonce Hates Bad Service

Beyonce Hates Bad Service
Is Beyonce one of those celebrities that has diva-like behavior?

5. I Don't Want No Gratuity

I Don't Want No Gratuity
We're pretty sure Beyonce knows what gratuity is.

6. You Don't Overcharge Queen Bey

You Don't Overcharge Queen Bey
Beyonce was apparently not impressed at being overcharged.

7. Lemonade Is My Creation

Lemonade Is My Creation
Could you imagine the reaction if Beyonce actually said that?

8. Third Person Bey

Third Person Bey
Beyonce orders in the third person. Who would have guessed it?

9. Gratuity?

Beyonce is only paying for her own food.

10. All of it?

All of it?
That poor waitress.

11. Reprint THIS

Reprint THIS
Beyonce wants everyone to know just how successful her version of Lemonade was.

12. Credit Me, Bitch!

Credit Me, Bitch!
Beyonce wants credit for her participation in writing the bill.

13. Test Me

Test Me
The waitress is helping Beyonce practice her spelling.

14. I Call The Shots

I Call The Shots
Beyonce really wants her meal to come with fries... like McDonalds.

15. 7-11

Beyonce really needs to learn how to read.

16. Kids Eat Free

Kids Eat Free
Beyonce wants to make sure she is charged correctly.

17. For Real?

For Real?
Jay Z can deal with that one.

18. Sarcasm

Beyonce is apparently not a fan of sarcasm.

19. Becky, Where You At?

Becky, Where You At?
Beyonce is not helping Becky.

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