Bet You $10 You Can't Guess Who These Celebrities Are

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Some celebrities get into the Halloween spirit by dressing up in scandalous fashion.

But others do so by taking fans on a journey back in time, sharing throwback photos of themselves dressed up for the occasion as kids.

Can you match the future star below with his or her old school ensemble?

1. Witch celebrity is it?

Witch celebrity is it?
Wrote this star as a caption to this photo: "#tbt dressing as myself." Does that hint help at all?

2. Amy Schumer!

Amy Schumer!
Before she was a Trainwreck, this comedian was apparently a witch.

3. He wants to suck your blood!

He wants to suck your blood!
Which future actor and television host went out one year dressed as Dracula?

4. It's Mario Lopez!

It's Mario Lopez!
And, as a bonus, flip back and take a look at the girl in the background. That's Fergie, from an episode of Kids Incorporated.

5. The girl on the right is...

The girl on the right is...
... take a close look. See if you can diagnose her identity. What do you think?

6. Katherine Heigl!

Katherine Heigl!
Perhaps if she had been dressed as a doctor, you would have made the connection.

7. Who am I?

Who am I?
This celebrity had STYLE before it was in fashion. Never in our WILDEST DREAMS would have thought she'd have gone out as a Teletubby.

8. Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift!
The artist joked that kids at school thought she was a "pregnant alien," not a Teletubby.

9. Some type of clown

Some type of clown
This little girl clearly fell in love with heavy makeup at a young age. She still wears a lot of it as an adult.

10. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian
It makes us sad that that little girl ended up starring in a sex tape. Let's move on.

11. Zombie Wonder Woman?

Zombie Wonder Woman?
The celebrity herself says she has no idea what she was going for at the time. That likely isn't much help in figuring out her identity, huh?

12. Olivia Wilde!

Olivia Wilde!
Yeah. That one was impossible.

13. A young girl

A young girl
Come on. You can get this one! It's a young GIRL. Get it?!?

14. Lena Dunham!

Lena Dunham!
We really did try to help you with this one. It was a young GIRL, remember?

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