Best and Worst Celebrity Reputations

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Celebrity Reputations: Best and Worst. 

1. Jennifer Lawrence: Best

Jennifer Lawrence: Best
Everyone just loves to love J. Law. Look at the adorable smile! And she's a total goofball to boot.

2. Beyonce: Best

Beyonce: Best
You either wanna be Beyonce or be best friends with Beyonce. She's just got that special something.

3. Meryl Streep: Best

Meryl Streep: Best
Who doesn't enjoy the great Meryl Streep? She so Meryl Streep-y. That's a good thing.

4. Jay Z: Best

Jay Z: Best
Hubby to Queen Bey, rapper extraordinaire. Jay Z has a steller rep.

5. Chris Brown: Worst

Chris Brown: Worst
We don't have to explain why Chris Brown's behavior has given him a bad rep.

6. George Clooney: Best

George Clooney: Best
George is beloved by the Hollywood elite and pretty much all of America. He can do no wrong. (OK, he wasn't the best Batman...)

7. Kim Kardashian: Worst

Kim Kardashian: Worst
Oh, Kim. One of the biggest names in the world and still a bad rep.

8. Justin Bieber: Worst

Justin Bieber: Worst
Justin's recent antics have landed him on the worst rep list. Not surprising.

9. Farrah Abraham: Worst

Farrah Abraham: Worst
Farrah Abraham is a star. A porn star and a reality star. Not the best combo to boost a reputation.

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