Baby Cheetahs: Photos! GIFs! So Much Cuteness!

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Does it get any cuter?!? Check out photos here of two baby cheetahs at the San Diego Zoo.

1. Cheetahs at Play

Cheetahs at Play
These two cheetahs were just born at the San Diego Zoo. We could watch this GIF all day long, couldn't you?

2. Baby Cheetahs!

Baby Cheetahs!
These baby cheetahs were born at the San Diego Zoo. They may be the cutest animals to ever touch foot on the planet Earth.

3. Baby Cheetah GIF

Baby Cheetah GIF
This baby cheetah is one of only about 12,000 cheetahs in the world. But he may be the most adorable.

4. Newborn Cheetah

Newborn Cheetah
Welcome to the world, little girl. You are positively adorable.

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