Audrey Roloff: These Are the Five Lessons I've Learned as a Mother

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Audrey Roloff is still pretty new at this whole motherhood thing.

She gave birth to daughter Ember Jean in September of 2017 and has since written plenty about the amazing experience on Instagram.

Roloff has gotten into occasional trouble for some of the stuff she has said about having a child, but for the most part, she has simply gushed over her daughter and her family.

Now, via an Instagram post she posted in May of 2018, Audrey has shared with followers five lessons she has learned from being a parent.

Some may be obvious, others less so.

But perhaps you can relate to one or two of these tidbits?

1. Lesson #1:

Lesson #1:
This is how Amber opened her informative and sort of fascinating post: "To love the body God gave me and to embrace its strength and beauty with gratefulness" is something she has learned.

2. How So?

How So?
"Watching my body change and witnessing its ability to deliver a child taught me to appreciate my physical body in all of its God-designed complexities on a whole new level," Audrey details.

3. A Lesson of Importance and Priorities

A Lesson of Importance and Priorities
Concludes Audrey in this case: "Motherhood has taught me focus less on body-image and more on being an image-bearer. I am also now capable of getting myself ready in less than 5 mintes, which is an added bonus."

4. Lesson #2:

Lesson #2:
"GRACE," writes Audrey, expounding a bit as follows: "Motherhood has taught me to give myself loads of grace for all the things I see other mothers doing that make me feel less-than."

5. Forget Social Media, She Adds

Forget Social Media, She Adds
Yes, this is very ironic for a social media post to say, but Roloff continues on this point: "My standard for motherhood is rooted and established in the the Word [of] God not the world of Instagram."

6. Let's Turn to the Bible, Shall We?

Let's Turn to the Bible, Shall We?
Audrey often uses this as source material. In this instance, she wrotes: "Motherhood sure has a way of revealing my failures and flaws, but I’m refusing to let these discoveries steal my confidence in the grace of God who’s power is made perfect in my weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:9)."

7. Lesson #3:

Lesson #3:
"I've learned to trust my intuition and have faith in those Holy Spirit nudges. Instead of researching my life away, I’m praying for discernment," opens Audrey in this portion of her post.

8. LOTS to Learn

LOTS to Learn
"I'm learning that I don’t need to know everything in order to make the "right" decision for my baby (also is there even such thing as a "right" decision?)," writes Audrey, prior to listing other examples of what she has learned and what she keeps learning.

9. A Difficult, But Important Challenge:

A Difficult, But Important Challenge:
For example: "I'm learning that people will always critcize what you're doing wrong (they might even write you letters with lists of things you should or shouldn't be doing) but I'm not letting that make me bitter, I'm letting it make me brave."

10. To Conclude This Lesson:

To Conclude This Lesson:
"Motherhood has taught me to encourage others in their right-doings rather than pointing out their wrongdoings." (Amen, Audrey!)

11. Lesson #4:

Lesson #4:
"I'm learning that motherhood makes me a better wife," she says interestingly. "It's part of my innnate desire and design, and it has allowed me to love Jeremy even MORE than I could ever have imagined. Always more."

12. Lesson #5:

Lesson #5:
In conclusion, Roloff says candidly: "Motherhood is opening my eyes to life's brilliant simplicities as I see them through the bright-eyes wonder of this little girl. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!"

13. Always. More.

Always. More.
This is the lesson Audrey tries to impart on all her followers, at all times. Always strive for more in life and always love more and more and more. It's the most important thing, right?

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