Audrey Roloff Baby Bump: Here It Is, Folks!

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Audrey Roloff had two reasons to celebrate on July 19, 2019.

First, she turned 28 years old.

But also? She's expecting her second child!

And this was a chance for the author and podcast host - and former Little People, Big World star - to show off her baby bump for the entire world to see.

"Took a little break from convention yesterday to celebrate my birthday on the lake," Audrey wrote as a caption to this images, adding:

"Last minute pontoon boat rental=great decision.

"Thank you all for the birthday texts, messages, and love. I’m grateful for the life I’ve lived this past year, all that I’ve learned, friendships I’ve made, and moments made memories with people I love. Bring on 28."

Check out the gorgeous snapshots below and then keep scrolling to see Jeremy's moving birthday message to his wife:

1. She Be Bumpin!

She Be Bumpin!
Here it is, everyone. Here is our very first look at Audrey's second baby bump. She looks amazing!

2. An Expecting Captain

An Expecting Captain
Audrey celebrated her 28th birthday with this adventure on the sea, clearing having a blast.

3. A Proud Mama to Be

A Proud Mama to Be
We love that Audrey is just out there, showing off her growing baby. All pregnant woman should take pride in their bodies.

4. A Gorgeous View

A Gorgeous View
We mean of the water and surrounding area. But Audrey and her friends are beautiful, too.

5. She's on a Boat, Folks!

She's on a Boat, Folks!
A pontoon boat, to be exact, as Audrey said it was a last-minute decision to take one out for the day.

6. Jeremy Was There, Of Course

Jeremy Was There, Of Course
Jeremy was on hand to help his wife celebrate the occasion. They always look so happy together.

7. We Adore These Two

We Adore These Two
Not to get overly cheesy, but look at the way they gaze into each other's arms. AWWWW, right?

8. The New 28-Year Old

The New 28-Year Old
What a perfect way to ring in a birthday, right? Great friends, great times, great views.

9. Jeremy's Message:

Jeremy's Message:
Along with this photo, he wrote: "Happy birthday Audrey! I have never met a more hardworking, passionate, and loving person. I’m thankful God made us teammates and I love doing life with you. Here’s cheers to the story we’re writing!"

10. We're Expecting!

We're Expecting!
On July 1, Jeremy wrote as a caption to this photo here: "Ember Jean is going to be a big sister! We’re very excited to grow our family. Thanks for following our journey and for your continual support of our family."

11. Added Audrey:

Added Audrey:
"Baby #2 is coming in January!!! Ember is gonna be a big sister! We are so grateful and excited for this little blessing to join our family."

12. What Are They Having?

What Are They Having?
We don't know yet. It's probably a little bit early for the Roloffs themselves to know yet.

13. Congrats All Around!

Congrats All Around!
We're so very happy for Jeremy and Audrey and we'll continue to bring our readers information on their pregnancy whenever more news breaks.

14. Time is Flying

Time is Flying
"I think this might be the first picture of the bump I’ve taken all pregnancy... But here we are at 25 weeks which actually seems unreal. How has it gone so much faster this time?!" wrote Audrey as a caption to this one.

15. At 25 Weeks!

At 25 Weeks!
Audrey Roloff is at 25 weeks, folks. She is due to welcome this little boy on January 7, 2020.

16. Kiss for the Bump

Kiss for the Bump
Audrey is 28 weeks along in this precious photo, as daughter Ember gives her future brother a kiss.

17. I'm at 30 Weeks!

I'm at 30 Weeks!
Audrey is getting so close to baby #2. She is at 30 weeks in this endearing picture.

18. Such a Sweet Smooch

Such a Sweet Smooch
We're seriously in love with this photo. Just look at the love and affection between Audrey, Ember... and Audrey's baby bump.

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