Ashley Jones SLAMS Farrah Abraham: You're a Nobody and Your Plastic Surgery Sucks!

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Another day, another D-list Farrah Abraham feud.

This time, Farrah is once again going at it with a former friend.

Just a few short weeks ago, Ms. Abraham and Teen Mom Young and Pregnant star Ashley Jones appeared to be thick as thieves.

Those days are long gone, however, and the former besties are currently exchanging some brutal (and highly amusing) insults on social media.

Take a look:


1. Inter-Generational Beef

Inter-Generational Beef
Farrah is a former OG Teen Mom, and Ashley is a new addition to the franchise, but the moms have bonded over their shared contempt for one another.

2. The Beginning

The Beginning
It all started when Ashley and Farrah hung out at a party in LA on December 16.

3. A Promising Start

A Promising Start
Interestingly, the ladies hit it off at first, and Ashley posted video of the two of them dancing together on her Instagram page.

4. The Backlash

The Backlash
Not surprisingly, Ashley took a fair bit of criticism from her followers, as Farrah isn't exactly a beloved figure among Teen Mom OG fans.

5. The Clapback

The Clapback
“Everyone’s mad that I ran into Farrah at a party as if I was supposed to ‘check’ her or be rude to her,” Ashley tweeted in response.. “She’s done nothing to me this isn’t high school."

6. The Farrah Defender

The Farrah Defender
"You guys can dislike her all you want, but I’m grown enough to develop my own opinion about a person," Jones added.

7. Going Off

Going Off
“And the majority of you that don’t like her, don’t even know her. And she probably has no clue that you even exist," Ashley continued.

8. It's Called Being a Public Figure

It's Called Being a Public Figure
"Imagine that. Disliking someone so much and they don’t even know who you are," Jones concluded.

9. Ashley Approves

Ashley Approves
Yes, it certainly sounds like Ashley was rather taken with Farrah.

10. A Hard Lesson

A Hard Lesson
Unfortunately, she eventually learned that Farrah is like a flame -- everyone who gets too close eventually gets burned.

11. What Happened?

What Happened?
Farrah made some sort of derogatory comment about Ashley, which prompted Jones to go on a Twitter tirade for the ages.

12. Mad Ashley

Mad Ashley
Needless to say, Jones did a complete 180 in her feelings toward Farrah.

13. The Party

The Party
She went on to reveal that she and Farrah weren't as chummy as they appeared to be in LA.

14. Surgically Enhanced

Surgically Enhanced
Next, Ashley went in for a bit of a low blow, pointing out that Farrah has had a whole lot of work done.

15. She Went There

She Went There
Next, Ashley went after Farrah's porn career.

16. Not Messing Around

Not Messing Around
Whatever Farrah said, it must have SERIOUSLY pissed this girl off.

17. Still Talking Trash?

Still Talking Trash?
If Farrah is still talking smack, it either wasn't on social media, or she quickly deleted it, because there doesn't seem to be a trace.

18. Our Loss

Our Loss
Which is a shame -- because we're dying to know how she got under Ashley's skin this badly! We'll continue to monitor the situation and keep you posted on any developments.

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