Andrew Glennon: Amber Portwood Gave Me PTSD!

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At this point, we all know how awful Amber Portwood is.

Like, she's been showing it on national television for several years now, it's not exactly a secret.

But as time goes by, we keep learning more and more about just how bad she could be, particularly to former boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

And this new story is just unforgivable ...

1. What a Nightmare

What a Nightmare
Andrew and Amber began dating in August of 2017, and as we all know, it went downhill quick.

2. Wow

She got pregnant pretty much immediately after they got together, so he moved from his hometown of Malibu out to Indiana and nine months later, they welcomed baby James.

3. So Sad

So Sad
And just a few months after that, Andrew has said, the abuse began.

4. Well ...

Well ...
The physical abuse, to be clear -- from what we saw on the show, she was never super nice to him or anything.

5. Such Unfortunate Circumstances

Such Unfortunate Circumstances
Amber suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to James in May of last year, and things were so bad that she contemplated suicide, so it's clear she wasn't in the best place mentally last summer.

6. Sorry

But still, that's no excuse for her actions -- Andrew's claimed that the first time she hit him was that August when she punched him in the face while driving to Leah's school.

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