Andrew Glennon: Amber Portwood Gave Me PTSD!

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At this point, we all know how awful Amber Portwood is.

Like, she's been showing it on national television for several years now, it's not exactly a secret.

But as time goes by, we keep learning more and more about just how bad she could be, particularly to former boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

And this new story is just unforgivable ...

1. What a Nightmare

What a Nightmare
Andrew and Amber began dating in August of 2017, and as we all know, it went downhill quick.

2. Wow

She got pregnant pretty much immediately after they got together, so he moved from his hometown of Malibu out to Indiana and nine months later, they welcomed baby James.

3. So Sad

So Sad
And just a few months after that, Andrew has said, the abuse began.

4. Well ...

Well ...
The physical abuse, to be clear -- from what we saw on the show, she was never super nice to him or anything.

5. Such Unfortunate Circumstances

Such Unfortunate Circumstances
Amber suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to James in May of last year, and things were so bad that she contemplated suicide, so it's clear she wasn't in the best place mentally last summer.

6. Sorry

But still, that's no excuse for her actions -- Andrew's claimed that the first time she hit him was that August when she punched him in the face while driving to Leah's school.

7. Horrifying

From what we've heard, everything got truly terrible after things got physical. Andrew's said that she was sweet in the beginning, but then it was like a switch had been flipped and she showed her true, horrible colors.

8. So Wrong

So Wrong
She'd call him names, put him down, and she the incident in August certainly wasn't the only time she was violent.

9. Yikes

For example, there's this recording from Christmas Eve in which Amber can be heard hitting Andrew and then threatening to kill him.

10. The Big Arrest

The Big Arrest
And then on the night of July 4th, just a few months ago, she allegedly tried to carry out that threat when she, again allegedly, chased him around the house with a machete while he held their son.

11. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
She got arrested for that one, as we all remember, and it was also the last straw for Andrew -- he broke up with her, got a restraining order, and filed for sole custody of James.

12. Sitting Tight

Sitting Tight
Right now, Amber is awaiting trial, both for the criminal case and the custody case, and is only allowed occasional supervised visits with James. She's not allowed to contact Andrew at all.

13. Fingers Crossed

Fingers Crossed
Andrew has asked the court for permission to move back home to Malibu with James, where he has family, friends, and many more career opportunities, but we'll have to wait a bit to see how that goes.

14. Seeing Things More Clearly

Seeing Things More Clearly
In the meantime, Andrew is staying in Amber's house, taking care of James and coming to terms with all that's happened.

15. Trauma

He's been opening up more and more about what it was like to be in a relationship with Amber, and how awful it could be.

16. Fair

He's also been going off about how Teen Mom OG and all its advertisers seem perfectly content in continuing to employ Amber and give her a voice, even after everything she's done.

17. Heartbreaking

Over on Instagram, he's been answering questions and offering up stories -- like remember when he claimed that Amber had been rough with James and that she threatened to kill him (James, not Andrew) twice? That was from Instagram.

18. Unimaginable

And now, Andrew's offering up another horribly sad story.

19. Poor Andrew

Poor Andrew
This morning, he shared a text post on his Instagram stories that began with "Today I had a flash memory that made me hurt and feel nauseous."

20. Scary

"After having an endoscopy (camera down your throat to see into your stomach) to make sure I was cancer free, she showed up in an Uber bc I wasn't allowed to leave by myself," he continued.

21. Ugh

"I was still pretty out of it," he wrote, "trying to fight the urge to throw up from the medication."

22. Nice

"But the whole trip back she was totally flirting with this guy who says he's really a cook and only ubering as a side gig, and she decides to give this weird guy her phone number right in front of me."

23. So Weird

So Weird
He said that when they got home, he told her "I can't believe you did that to me, that was horrible to watch."

24. The Worst

The Worst
"Her response was, 'What kind of man are you to LET your girlfriend give her number to another man?!'"

25. Such a Mess

Such a Mess
"This is the type of emotionally damaging manipulation I had to endure," he explained.

26. What a Question

What a Question
"How does your life partner or 'soulmate' treat you?"

27. Poor Guy

Poor Guy
So this is so, so sad, right? And unfortunately, it's not surprising.

28. A Monster

A Monster
From everything we've heard from Amber -- on the show, on social media, and in those leaked recordings -- it's definitely believable that she could have treated him this poorly and then found a way to make it his fault.

29. Possibly

And your friends here at The Hollywood Gossip are hardly doctors, but it sounds very possible that Andrew's developed PTSD from all of this, right?

30. Unforgivable

He's talked before about how much anxiety he has now, and how being with Amber changed so many things about him, even the way he talks, and now he's talking about having flashbacks?

31. The Dream

The Dream
Whatever's happening, here's hoping that, going forward, he continues to heal ... and that Amber faces some consequences for everything she's done.

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