Amy Schumer Wedding Photos: Here Comes the Hilarious Bride!

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It's a sentence we never thought we'd write, but here we go:

Amy Schumer is a married woman.

The comedian got hitched on February 13, 2018 to celebrity chef Chris Fischer, surprising fans by exchanging vows in Malibu on a Tuesday evening.

Approximately 80 guests were in attendance, including a few familiar faces featured here.

Indeed, Schumer has uploaded a number of beautiful, romantic and flat-out funny photos from her big day to Instagram.

We've collected them all below. Check each one out now and then send Schumer and Fischer your very best wishes!

1. Her Wedding Morning

Her Wedding Morning
What was so special about this date for Amy Schumer? It was the date on which she got married! And here's a photo of her in the morning.

2. Making Up Amy

Making Up Amy
Amy Schumer shared this photo of her styling team from the day on which she became a married woman.

3. About to Be Hitched

About to Be Hitched
She does, people! She really does! We'd like to thank Amy Schumer for sharing this photo from her big day.

4. Chris Fischer and His Bride

Chris Fischer and His Bride
How sweet of a photo is this?!? Nick Fischer gives a little kiss on the forehead to his brand new bride.

5. We're Newlyweds!

We're Newlyweds!
They look pretty happy, don't they? We really hope things work out well for Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer.

6. Yup!

They sure are married! Amy summed that up here with one single word.

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