Amber Portwood is Being Bullied By MTV!!! (According to Her Boyfriend)

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Earlier this week, Amber Portwood "quit" Teen Mom OG.

And by that, we mean she took to social media to whine about the world's cushiest six-figure job, but never actually tendered her resignation.

She was bluffing, seemingly in hopes that her bosses would offer her the world in order to convince her to stay.

It didn't work, and now, Portwood is pulling out all the stops by having her long-suffering boyfriend speak out on her behalf.

Here's what we currently know about this increasingly bizarre situation:

1. Andrew's Burden

Andrew's Burden
Andrew Glennon seems like a decently mild-mannered guy, but that sort of demeanor doesn't fly in Amber's world.

2. Amber's Rage

Amber's Rage
These days, Amber is almost as prone to outbursts of rage as her Teen Mom 2 counterpart, Jenelle Evans.

3. The Man For the Job?

The Man For the Job?
And she's made it clear that she needs a man who will rant and rave right along with her.

4. Doing His Best

Doing His Best
Andrew? Well, he's not quite up to the task, but he's trying.

5. Rushing to Amber's Defense

Rushing to Amber's Defense
“MTV silences her voice, oppresses her story, and manipulates footage to constantly cast her in a bad light,” Glennon told OK! magazine following his baby mama's latest outburst.

6. Is She REALLY Done With the Show?

Is She REALLY Done With the Show?
Andrew didn't answer any questions about whether or not Amber is actually planning to quit the series that made her famous.

7. The Glennon Defense

The Glennon Defense
But he did offer up some possible explanations as to why she's been behaving more erratically than usual today.

8. An Explanation?

An Explanation?
“All this [is happening] while she is struggling with postpartum depression,” he said. “[It] is unreal.”

9. Disclaimer

Obviously, if Amber is really suffering from postpartum depression, then our thoughts go out to her, and we hope she's receiving the help she needs.

10. Breaking It Down

Breaking It Down
But many of Glennon's other comments are demonstrably BS.

11. Blaming the Producers

Blaming the Producers
Amber says she's a perfectly stable, level-headed person, and TMOG producers have manipulated footage to make her look insane.

12. For Starters ...

For Starters ...
When you're behaving the way we've seen Amber behave on camera, it doesn't require a whole lot of editing to make you look crazy.

13. Her Own Worst Enemy

Her Own Worst Enemy
Amber's not exactly helping her case when she launches social media tirades against her own fans.

14. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
Earlier this week, Portwood hurled hateful slurs and threatened physical violence against her Instagram followers during a live Q&A.

15. Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages
It was around this time that Amber sent out several tweets blaming TMOG producers for the way she comes across on the show.

16. Angry Amber

Angry Amber
“When people you trust with your life keep stabbing you in the back then it’s time for change because they will never change,” she wrote at one point.

17. Free at Last

Free at Last
“If I will not be shown then there’s nothing more to do," Amber continued. "My name will not get smeared anymore. I hope everyone is resting easy with the money they’ve made off of heartache and pain that I’ve endured.”

18. Sooooo?

Are Teen Mom producers also editing Amber's Instagram Live sessions? If not, she may want to point that finger back at herself.

19. Rehab? No, No, No

Rehab? No, No, No
As for Amber's goal of helping people who have experienced struggles similar to her own, well ... that plan seems to be on the backburner these days.

20. Behind Schedule

Behind Schedule
As The Ashley's Reality Roundup points out, Amber stated in a 2014 interview that she plans to open at least one rehab facility before she turns 30.

21. Better Get Moving!

Better Get Moving!
Amber is soon to turn 29, and she has yet to get the ball rolling on that plan, which makes it very unlikely she'll meet her own deadline.

22. The Time Has Come

The Time Has Come
Regardless of whether or not she really wants to devote the rest of her life to helping others, it's clear that the time has come for Amber to leave the show.

23. Unsafe Conditions

Unsafe Conditions
Perhaps postpartum depression is the cause for her current mental state. Whatever the case, she's been threatening fans, which means she's gotta go.

24. Too Great a Risk

Too Great a Risk
Given her violent past, she's simply too much of a liability for MTV at this point. We hope all she needs is a hiatus, and she can eventually return.

25. Whatever the Case ...

Whatever the Case ...
Mr. Glennon continues to have high hopes. “There are bigger and better things for her on the horizon,” he recently stated. “Stay tuned!” We hope he's right.

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