Amal Clooney Speaks Against ISIS, Magazine Can't Get Over Her Baby Bump

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Amal Clooney is expecting twins with George Clooney.

She is also a human rights attorney who gave a speech this week at the UN headquarters, calling on the organization to investigate crimes committed by the Islamic State, including killings, forced conversions and rape.

Not that TIME Magazine cared at all about that latter fact.

As you're about to learn below, the publication Tweeted only about Amal's baby bump while she spoke on the floor of the United Nations, rightfully earning the ire of Internet users in the process.

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1. Yes, She Showed it Off

Yes, She Showed it Off
While, you know, speaking out on the atrocities committed by ISIS against women.

2. What Speech?!?

What Speech?!?
The tweet linked to an article published in Motto - Time Inc.’s website aimed at younger women – which was titled "Amal Clooney Rocks the Baby Bump Ahead of U.N. Speech." What a great lesson for these young women.

3. Pssst... Time

Pssst... Time
In case you were wondering about anything outside of her baby bump.

4. Tell Us, TIME!

Tell Us, TIME!
We need to know!

5. THIS.

Really, just... this, over and over and over again.

6. Remember International Women's Day?

Remember International Women's Day?
We can't blame TIME for forgetting. It was a full day before Amal took to the UN stage.

7. What Else Would There Be to Say About Her?

What Else Would There Be to Say About Her?
It's a mystery.

8. Breaking News!

Breaking News!
It's a miracle she was even let out of the kitchen!

9. This Headline Would Also Work

This Headline Would Also Work
We're here if you need help in the future, TIME.

10. Another Option

Another Option
We could do this all day.

11. Women's Day Had an Expiration Date?

Women's Day Had an Expiration Date?
We didn't realize.

12. She's Married to George Clooney!

She's Married to George Clooney!
That's all that matters, huh, TIME?

13. It's All Terrible

It's All Terrible
Delete your account, TIME.

14. Clickbait Has Ruined Journalism

Clickbait Has Ruined Journalism
And that's not fake news.

15. Sad But True

Sad But True
This explains it all.

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