90 Day Fiance: Which Seasons Are the Best? Which Are the Worst?

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90 Day Fiance has exploded in recent years.

More than a dozen spinoffs on TLC and on Discovery Plus.

There are so many seasons of so many shows, including the original series that launched it all.

That series remains ongoing and is showing no signs of slowing down.

However, we all know that not every season of 90 Day Fiance is equal to the other.

Which of the seasons were the absolute worst that viewers have ever seen?

And which seasons were the best?

It's hard to say, but here's our definitive ranking of the seasons.

Take a look at how we ordered them, below:

1. The Worst: Season 1

The Worst: Season 1
Season 1 was not really what grabbed viewers' attentions. Kirlyam and Alan's genuine love for each other and desire to be huge nerds together was endearing and has made them fan favorites, but Season 1 is ... not people's favorite season.

2. Season 1's biggest impact was these two

Season 1's biggest impact was these two
Russ and Paola Mayfield were recurring on the series for years and remain a bit more active in the 90 Day Fiance fans than, well, any other couples from that long ago.

3. Season 3

Season 3
You might wonder why it's so low on our list, given that Loren and Alexei Brovarnik are enduring fan-favorites to this day (maybe THE most-loved couple from the franchise). But unfortunately, their presence on the season is just the only reason why it's not last. So many of the couples were, like them or hate them, kind of forgettable. But that's not all ...

4. This atrocity was part of the season

This atrocity was part of the season
Remember Mark and Nikki? How many waitresses do you think have slipped this young woman notes over the years trying to find out if she needs help? Mark is an older man, and fans view him as an absolute creep.

5. Season 7

Season 7
Season 7 was so recent. In many ways it wasn't terrible. In many ways, it was. Watching Angela marry Michael was like watching the first Act of a Lifetime movie when the bride goes through with a marriage to guy viewers know is bad news. Except, in this case, Michael is the protagonist and Angela is the nightmare.

6. Viewers were SO split over these two

Viewers were SO split over these two
Tania isn't the most hated star on the series, but she's probably in the running for one of the most UNFAIRLY hated. But even the fans who love her and Syngin found some of their season difficult to watch. Fans rooting for them to be happy didn't get their wish. Fans rooting for them to break up didn't get closure, either.

7. But there were real highlights

But there were real highlights
Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio were a real couple who -- even with the kind of age gap and wealth situation that could have made them bait for viewers' most xenophobic accusations -- managed to prove their love through the screen. To this day, fans adore these two, and with good reason.

8. And let's not forget these two!

And let's not forget these two!
Anna Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu may have been one-hit-wonders as far as the main series is concerned, but who doesn't love The Bee Couple, as they're known?

9. Season 8

Season 8
New Season, Same Clowns -- at least, that's how it felt for many fans. Make no mistake -- Mike and Natalie's drama, the two of them taking turns being the "bad guy" in their toxic relationship, and their last minute wedding were much-watch television. But for many fans, it was too much.

10. Oh no, oh no

Oh no, oh no
From the inherent discomfort of watching production just continue to film Stephanie while she was obviously experiencing side effects from her medication to filming the aftermath of her sexual assault as if it were a run-of-the-mill argument to Stephanie calling up a back-up boyfriend to appease production to no one from her storyline being at the Tell All ... it was bad.

11. But it wasn't ALL bad

But it wasn't ALL bad
Yara is a fan-favorite. Oh, there are people who hate her, but she won over a majority of fans (even those who didn't love her from the first day like I did). Despite some seeming incompatibilities, she and Jovi are making it work, and fans are rooting for them.

12. And these two!

And these two!
Watching Julia survive her 90 Day Farmhand nightmare, Brandon's toxic narcissist of a mother, and seeing Brandon slowly realize that he needs to make changes to his life or his mother will control him forever ... that was worth watching.

13. Season 5

Season 5
Season 5's primary claim to fame was introducing some much-liked faces to the franchise. David and Annie are fan favorites (arguably tied with Loren and Alexei in almost every fan poll). And while fans were never big on Luis and had some issues with Molly, Molly Hopkins ended up being an enduring part of the franchise, appearing on Pillow Talk and The Single Life.

14. Season 6

Season 6
WHO IS AGAINST THE QUEEN WILL DIE! That catchphrase alone was enough to land this season a prized spot in the history books. Larissa and Colt (and Debbie) had no end of drama, conflict, and general nonsense. Their marriage would only end up lasting for a miserable seven months, but their story lives rent-free in all of our minds.

15. Oh, the cheating

Oh, the cheating
Most of Jay Smith's cheating scandals played out off screen, and it's more than possible that there were cheating incidents that Ashley Martson never told fans about -- or never learned about. It took them years to divorce for real, in part because Jay just ... didn't sign the papers for the longest time.

16. Kalani is well-liked

Kalani is well-liked
Most people who dislike her either disapprove of her remaining married to Asuelu or have gotten their undergarments in a twist over the neckline of their blouses. But we have to remember that, for that first season, most people liked Asuelu, too. The "oh no, this man-child is responsible for childcare and Kalani is stuck with him" of it all hadn't set in yet.

17. So why isn't this season everyone's favorite?

So why isn't this season everyone's favorite?
These two douchecanoes. Leida is, with good reason, probably THE most hated 90 Day Fiance star in history, and Eric Rosenbrook would be an unlikable tool even if we had NOT all watched him kick his teenage daughter out of her own apartment because Leida insisted. Awful people, and they've only proven themselves to be even worse in the ensuing years.

18. Season 2

Season 2
This season's explanation is short and sweet because there's one main reason that it ranks so highly on our list: it introduced this absolute circus act of a couple to the world. The real magic behind Danielle and Mohamed isn't how on-its-face absurd their romance was or the vile things that they said and did to each other. The key to them is that they were both very obviously marrying each other for the wrong reasons. They were using each other. They are also the couple that put 90 Day Fiance on the map.

19. The Best: Season 4

The Best: Season 4
This season introduced Jorge Nava and Anfisa Arkhipchenko. This was the couple whose storyline showed us how little production seemed to care about domestic violence after Anfisa tried to hit Jorge during a conversation about finances. However, these two are talked about to this day, and with good reason -- they have also gone their separate ways, if under less than ideal circumstances.

20. Besides ...

Besides ...
Nicole and Azan's introduction to the franchise ... this couple is believed to have broken up some time in late 2020 or early 2021, but they are STILL widely talked about even without having appeared on the show in years. Why? Because despite a lot of theories and rumors, viewers always felt like there was something missing ... aside from those alleged $6,000.

21. Pedro vs The Family Chantel

Pedro vs The Family Chantel
Pedro and his sister brawled with Chantel Everett's entire family. Everyone involved was rewarded, eventually, with their very own spinoff -- 90 Day Fiance's first (but not last) family-specific spinoff, The Family Chantel. Is that ethical? Ehhhh. But it's entertaining. Season 4 might not deserve its top spot, but it earned it.

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