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There were multiple disasters on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3, Episode 5.

There were also some heavy, long-overdue conversations. Some were a bit of both.

Evelin fessed up to her family that she and Corey had married a year and a half earlier.

But Corey has a confession of his own that he fears could ruin everything.

Ariela’s tireless efforts to embrace Biniyam’s culture have led her to visit a holy site with him.

Ellie and Victor travel together to the ruins of Providencia to survey the devastation left by the storm.

Sumit is finally prepared to talk to his family about what he’s now calling an engagement to Jenny.

As he predicts, it doesn’t go well.

Speaking of long-needed talks, Armando sits down to talk to his dad about his engagement and wedding plans.

It brings tears to both of their eyes … and had the same effect upon a lot of viewers.

Finally, Steven With A V and Alina go see an attorney to learn about getting married in Turkey.

It starts with them hitchhiking there and ends even more awkwardly.