90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Brittany Breaks Down

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There were tears, rose petals, and more tears on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2, Episode 8.

Brittany's awful confrontation with Yazan's toxic parents left her shaking and crying and having a full-on meltdown.

She wasn't just experiencing culture shock. She was in shock, wailing in despair about her life and her future ... until Yazan found a way to cheer her up.

For the first time, we met Melyza. She and her dad seem to be the only people in her life looking forward to Tim's arrival in Columbia.

Jenny learns exactly how many hurdles she and Sumit must jump in order to be together. There's more to it than a challenging divorce.

Jihoon fully weeps as he confesses how he has totally screwed up his life and done even worse to Deavan's.

Finally, Kenneth and Armando are reunited at last ... but everyone's favorite couple from this season are dropping hints at possible struggles to come.

1. Brittany is reeling

Brittany is reeling
Brittany Banks just met Yazan Abo Horira's parents, and it was a disaster. Yazan's previous obscenity-laden freakout was just a preview for the main event, and Brittany doesn't even know all that was said about her -- she just heard yelling.

2. She doesn't understand!

She doesn't understand!
Brittany covered up thoroughly, wearing a hijab even though she herself is not Muslim. She was, by American standards, polite and respectful.

3. Yazan says that it's all her fault

Yazan says that it's all her fault
He "explains" to her why his parents flipped out, blaming it on Brittany's behavior rather than on Yazan's inability to communicate their expectations to her, or upon the lies that he has told them about her -- claiming that she will convert to Islam when she had ruled that out.

4. It's not helping

It's not helping
How, Brittany understandably wonders, could the way that she TALKS be offensive to his parents? Remember, she has been to Jordan before -- she just hadn't met Yazan's parents.

5. Yazan describes it as "insolence"

Yazan describes it as "insolence"
In the US, it is normal for engagements to last many months, and often at least one year. Yazan explains that her request to push the wedding date back -- which he knew about, though he did not know the reason -- was the source of his parents' outrage. Well, one source of it.

6. Also, Brittany's assertiveness was an issue

Also, Brittany's assertiveness was an issue
Brittany had repeatedly asked Yazan before they went there to stop calling her his "baby." She doesn't like it, and no one should be called something that they don't like. However, Yazan insisted on calling her "baby" again in front of his parents, prompting her to remind him to not call her that. This, he says, was a factor in his mom's explosive freakout. Yazan apparently doesn't see this as 100% his fault.

7. Brittany begins to despair

Brittany begins to despair
Like so many 90 Day Fiance stars, she realizes that she is basically all alone. The only person she has to talk to about this is Yazan, who is not exactly a neutral party.

8. It's just too much

It's just too much
Brittany begins to tell herself that she should just go home. She is probably right. She could certainly find happiness in Jordan, but given this incident, no one would blame her for concluding that she can't find happiness with Yazan in particular, because he is so beholden to his family.

9. Yazan feels bad

Yazan feels bad
He may not understand that he was the primary architect of the conflict that just occurred, because he didn't prepare Brittany for his parents' BS but he also didn't honestly tell his parents who Brittany was, but he does want her to be happy.

10. SO

He shows her their new residence together, which looks genuinely nice. Between that and what feels like it was a lengthy drive, Brittany seems cheered up by it.

11. And look!

And look!
Yazan had also scattered rose petals for Brittany's arrival.

12. Awwww!

No amount of dying plant parts in the world could make most people overlook what had just happened or what had happened the night before with Yazan's own freakout, but Brittany seems at least pleased that he made this effort.

13. Tim Clarkson heads out

Tim Clarkson heads out
Tim goes to the airport, cat in hand, to fly to Columbia. So far, we have only really seen his side of things. This week, we got to see things from Melyza's side as she anticipates his arrival.

14. Meet Melyza!

Meet Melyza!
Melyza Zeta may have met Tim while she was an au pair in the US, but she now has a white collar job in Columbia ... but warns that she's not overly warm or friendly to those whom she has only just met.

15. In fact ...

In fact ...
She admits that she can kind of come across as "bitchy." We look forward to seeing this play out as the season continues.

16. Melyza goes through their history

Melyza goes through their history
We already know how they met, and how Tim had totally screwed things up by cheating on her when she was planning to move to the US to live with him, which is why they're doing things The Other Way for the moment. Almost everyone in Melyza's life knows, this, too.

17. Especially her mom

Especially her mom
Like a number of her friends, Melyza's mom knows that Tim cheated on her. This is, for the record, and extremely normal thing to share with your mom if you have even a mildly close relationship.

18. Melyza's mom is against the marriage

Melyza's mom is against the marriage
She doesn't want Melyza spending the rest of her life with a man who cheated on her. In Tim's case, it sounds like it was a self-sabotage type of cheating instead of an "I have a cheating heart and this is who I am" sort of affair, but let's be honest -- we more than understand why that doesn't make a difference to Mama Zeta.

19. But Melyza is giving him a second chance

But Melyza is giving him a second chance
She really loves him and he has been making a real effort to make this up to her. Her dad's looking forward to Tim's arrival ... because her dad is just about the only one who doesn't know that Tim cheated on her.

20. On to Jenny Slatten and Sumit

On to Jenny Slatten and Sumit
The two of them hitch a ride because, as much as Jenny is happy to be there with Sumit, she needs to see for herself that he is going through the divorce process.

21. And ...

And ...
Jenny also needs to hear for herself how difficult and agonizingly lengthy the divorce process can be. Part of this may be so that Jenny will believe it (Sumit's track record with honesty is Not Great), and part of it may be just so that fans will believe it.

22. Sumit wants it all out in the open

Sumit wants it all out in the open
It is easy for Americans, Jenny included, to imagine that divorce processes are pretty similar in other countries to how they are here. That is not always the case.

23. Meet Sumit's attorney

Meet Sumit's attorney
He's Sumit's divorce lawyer, and he knows that he does not have an easy case ahead of him -- and that Jenny and Sumit have even more challenges ahead of them after that.

24. For one thing? The time frame

For one thing? The time frame
He explains that the divorce process lasts anywhere from 2 to 5 years, in part because of mandatory waiting periods between stages of filing.

25. Jenny has some questions

Jenny has some questions
In addition to being stunned by what he has said, she wants to understand why Sumit doesn't have any paperwork along those lines. In the US, any time that you fill out official paperwork, you're going to get some sort of form, whether it's a simple copy or a certificate acknowledging the paperwork that you have filed. This is both for your reference and so that you can later prove that you initiated the paperwork process, if necessary.

26. That is not the case in India

That is not the case in India
According to Sumit's attorney, it is written in the Marriage Act that divorce filings must be kept private without any documentation shared -- even with the person getting a divorce -- after the initial filing.

27. And they may face another hurdle

And they may face another hurdle
Sumit's parents will be notified when the two try to marry. If his family objects -- within certain established "valid" objections -- then they will be unable to marry. Jenny is stunned, as she notes that she has done nothing wrong to Sumit ... joking that she did take his virginity, but that there is nothing illegal about that.

28. They go to meet Sumit's "friends"

They go to meet Sumit's "friends"
Some of Sumit's friends have been more welcoming of Jenny than others. Here, we see one friend make fun of their age difference. Notably, his wife is not there, and she is not the only one.

29. Why the missing wives?

Why the missing wives?
One opted out, the other was "sick." Translation -- they refused to meet Jenny out of principle, either because she was Sumit's unwitting mistress or because Sumit is divorcing his current wife for Jenny.

30. Sumit's friends are frank

Sumit's friends are frank
They admit to the camera that it will be a challenge for Sumit and Jenny to survive as a couple in this culture and legal system.

31. Jihoon Lee talks to his mom

Jihoon Lee talks to his mom
He tells his mom that Deavan and her mom and the kids are at a hotel because his substandard apartment was bad but mostly because Deavan found out about his lies.

32. He'd brought here there under false pretenses

He'd brought here there under false pretenses
Assuring Deavan that he was ready for her arrival, he did not actually have that much money ... leaving Deavan wondering what in the world their family was supposed to do.

33. Jihoon has many regrets

Jihoon has many regrets
He spent his money on drinking and going out and living his life. Honestly, that's totally fine ... up until you become a parent. The moment that this happened, Jihoon should have shifted his priorities entirely.

34. His mom tries to be sympathetic

His mom tries to be sympathetic
She suggests ways that he could talk to Deavan and convince her that his wrongdoing wasn't that big of a deal. This is sort of sweet of her, as she wants her son and his wife to be together, and doesn't see the "little white lies" as being that harmful. At the same time ... blaming Jihoon's actions on the recklessness of youth isn't going to fly with Deavan, who has worked long days to support herself and her kids.

35. Jihoon, however, takes responsibility

Jihoon, however, takes responsibility
He tells his mom that this is more serious -- that Deavan may simply leave for Utah in a few days so that she can go back to work and support the kids. It's more responsible than relying upon Jihoon, since he is unreliable.

36. His mom doesn't like that

His mom doesn't like that
The two came together for love, so how, she wonders, can Deavan throw that away? The answer, of course, is that love isn't enough for a marriage to work -- not by itself. Also, Jihoon very correctly notes that Deavan saw his lies to her as proof that he doesn't really love her.

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