90 Day Fiance: The Most Vicious Feuds of All Time ... Ranked!!

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90 Day Fiance is a show about people finding each other across continents and oceans, giving up everything for love.

Naturally, it is filled with some of the most toxic couples and the most vitriolic feuds that you can imagine.

Not all of that bile plays out on camera, either.

Behind the scenes and on social media, 90 Day Fiance stars will wage verbal wars on each other.

Sometimes, it's a rival from their season or a person who was almost family.

Other times, it's people who have only met once or twice, but experience loathing at first sight.

Take a look below and see the most intense feuds that have ever played out among the stars.

1. 90 Day Fiance has a wealth of feuds

90 Day Fiance has a wealth of feuds
Fans may start watching for the controversial couples and the cute couples, but the feuds will keep you hooked for years -- because that's how long they can last.

2. First, let's address something obvious

First, let's address something obvious
A lot of these feuds involve Larissa Lima. Though she only entered the scene in Season 6, her relationship was the most talked about since Danielle and Mohamed. Her situation has changed, but for a long time, she was feuding with anyone who looked at her crossways.

3. First of all ...

First of all ...
We're not going to count every pair of exes on this list. Sometimes, they parted on good terms. Other times, they loathe each other but it's not quite feuding. But Colt resolved to try to get Larissa deported to Brazil, and Debbie is badmouthing her left and right. So we'd say that Larissa is feuding with them both, even though she is trying to move on.

4. Fernanda vs Larissa

Fernanda vs Larissa
Viewers who didn't keep up with the stars on social media at all were introduced to this feud at the Tell All special. Larissa saw Fernanda as her rival for the title of best-looking 90 Day Fiance star. It was so bad that Larissa and Colt were late getting on set.

5. Jonathan Rivera got involved

Jonathan Rivera got involved
Though he and Fernanda would split several weeks after the Tell All was filmed, he had his wife's back and feuded with both Larissa and Colt. On the tell all, this culminated in the hilarious moment when Larissa yelled "shut upee!" It broke the tension -- a little.

6. That didn't last

That didn't last
When Jonathan and Fernanda's marriage fizzled out in December, they didn't really share joint custody of their feuds, either.

7. But now, that has changed

But now, that has changed
In March, when 90 Day Fiance blogger David Yates jokingly suggested a celebrity boxing match between Colt and Jonathan (not to be mean, but these are not men with equal degrees of athleticism, and that's all that I'm going to say about that), Jonathan replied -- perhaps in jest -- that he's down for it if Colt is.

8. Colt has yet to respond

Colt has yet to respond
There is an extremely real chance that he didn't see the post. Maybe he's too busy flirting with women on Instagram. There's a real chance that he was nursing a killer hangover during the days on which that conversation took place.

9. Moving on: Ashley Martson

Moving on: Ashley Martson
Ashley got a lot of flack from a lot of her castmates and other 90 Day stars after it was discovered that Jay, with her knowledge, had been running an account that was "leaking" their personal photos. In other words, it looked like a ploy for sympathy. No one wants to be made to feel like a fool. But Ashley had one feud in particular ...

10. Ashley Martson vs Larissa Lima

Ashley Martson vs Larissa Lima
Larissa claimed that Ashley was speaking poorly of every woman on the show to her. Whether this was true or simply something that Larissa said to stir the pot is anyone's guess.

11. Ashley Martson vs Loren Brovarnik

Ashley Martson vs Loren Brovarnik
Loren is a fan-favorite and she and husband Alexei announced that they were having a baby. Fans were overjoyed. When Ashley Martson shared the news via her Instagram Stories, Loren seemed to misunderstand, and perhaps assumed that Ashley was stealing her own announcement photos for her own pregnancy. Ashley is not pregnant and did not steal anything, she just shared the news. Loren has less experience with 90 Day Fiance Instagram ads and had pregnancy hormones clouding her judgment -- we can understand her confusion.

12. Ashley Martson vs ... Angelina Pivarnick?

Ashley Martson vs ... Angelina Pivarnick?
Angelina Pivarnick is a Jersey Shore star, not a 90 Day Fiance love-seeker, but she and Ashley got into it ... at a children's charity, of all places! Ashley shared her side of the story and it sounds like Angelina was in a very weird mood that night.

13. Jorge Nava vs Anfisa Arkhipchenko

Jorge Nava vs Anfisa Arkhipchenko
Remember when these two were married? After Jorge spent more than a year and a half behind bars, it looks like neither of them do. They remained married when Jorge was sentenced for marijuana possession, but just months before his expected release, Anfisa revealed her new boyfriend, and Jorge expressed his desire to divorse Anfisa. Even before he filed the papers, things turned ugly, with Anfisa calling him a "vindictive little boy" and Jorge claiming that Anfisa ended things with him because she was jealous of the attention that he received for his dramatic weight loss. Wow.

14. Evelin Villegas vs Larissa Lima

Evelin Villegas vs Larissa Lima
Two of the most controversial 90 Day Fiance stars in the franchise's history butted heads over one man, Corey Rathgeber.

15. See, Corey met up with Larissa

See, Corey met up with Larissa
During a time of uncertainty in his relationship with Evelin, he hung out for one evening on a "date" with Larissa. Nobody boned or even kissed, but Evelin was FURIOUS. Larissa ended up publishing private messages just to get Evelin and her fans off of her back. The two of them went to war over a man only one of them was after.

16. For the record ...

For the record ...
Just because Corey is photographed with a fellow 90 Day Fiance star doesn't mean that he hooked up with them. We're reasonably certain that he did not have a threesome with David and Annie Toborowsky. Also, he ended up getting back with Evelin a few months after that messy feud settled down.

17. Ashley Martson vs ... Amber Portwood?

Ashley Martson vs ... Amber Portwood?
This feud sounds random because it is. In June 2020, an Instagram account jokingly compared Amber Portwood to disgraced 90 Day Fiance star Geoffrey Paschel because both have been to prison and both have been accused of and arrested for domestic violence (in fact, they were arrested within weeks of each other). Amber flipped out, went on a rant and had a mini-meltdown while seeming to misunderstand 90 Day Fiance. Ashley, days later, explained the premise of the show on her Instagram Stories, and Amber launched into an angry rant about Ashley ... and also about The Hollywood Gossip's coverage of her previous meltdown.

18. Tim Malcolm vs Jesse Meester

Tim Malcolm vs Jesse Meester
Jesse is notorious for the way that he treated Darcey Silva during their relationship, and Tim called out Jesse on social media, telling him that he's nothing without Darcey. Darcey is the one who continues to thrive on reality television. She's the one whom many fans love to hate. Jesse is yesterday's fiance.

19. Kalani Faagata vs Colt Johnson

Kalani Faagata vs Colt Johnson
In late 2018, Colt was asked if he had quit his job, and he replied that he had not -- that he was not Kalani. (Kalini, who clearly comes from a wealthy family, did quit her job ... but she has a baby, another baby on the way, and Asuelu is still getting adjusted to life in the US) Her response to Colt's shade was ... profoundly harsh.

20. Kalani hit back:

Kalani hit back:
"Oh, Colt, sending “dick” pics and videos to women who aren’t your wife isn’t an occupation, silly," she wrote, just days after his cheating scandal and the leaking of an alleged, unimpressive photo. "Maybe you’re just perturbed my clitoris is bigger than your “dick”? I guess we’re even, though, ’cause you got me beat in the t-ts department." Colt started that fight, but Kalani finished it. He blocked her after that.

21. David Toborowky vs Debbie

David Toborowky vs Debbie
In late February, David -- who is active and generally well-received in the 90 Day Fiance fandom even though we're well past his season -- and Colt Johnson's mom, Debbie, began feuding online.

22. Debbie called David a "piece of s--t"

Debbie called David a "piece of s--t"
However, David wrote that he didn't believe that she wrote it. He speculates that Colt used her account to write it so that he wouldn't have to personally face the blowback as he had in past feuds, such as his attempt to "roast" Kalani.

23. Jay Smith vs Larissa Lima

Jay Smith vs Larissa Lima
The fallout from Larissa and Colt's scary, violent breakup won Larissa a lot of sympathy, especially as fans continue to learn more about Colt. But Jay doesn't feel that way. Despite having once been rumored to be facing deportation himself, Jay shared on Instagram that he hopes that Larissa does end up getting sent back to Brazil. Rude! Clearly, he remembers her behavior from the Tell All.

24. As for Paola Mayfield ...

As for Paola Mayfield ...
She's well-liked by fans (except for the people who shame her for having a human body or for working as a model), but she also took some shots at Ashley Martson after Ashley's fraud scandal blew up. But her most heated contention was with someone who's been in the franchise a lot longer. ...

25. Paola Mayfield vs. Anfisa Nava

Paola Mayfield vs. Anfisa Nava
These women were co-stars on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Paola and Russ welcomed their first child while Anfisa's husband, Jorge, was in prison, so their lives went in different directions. Nonetheless, Anfisa quit the franchise and called out Paola and Russ for being "TLC's little b--ches." Pao and Russ replied that Anfisa was asking for unreasonable, Kardashian-level sums of cash.

26. Leida Margaretha vs Tasha Rosenbrook

Leida Margaretha vs Tasha Rosenbrook
Leida swept into Tasha's life, emotionally blackmailed Eric Rosenbrook into forcing his teenage daughter to move out of her own apartment (Leida threatened to leave him if he didn't, and she did this on speakerphone in front of Tasha). 90 Day Fiance viewers and stars alike were absolutely appalled.

27. That feud was severe

That feud was severe
Tasha lost out on her relationship with her dad. Viewers heard her voice break on 90 Day Fiance when she realized that she'd lost that part of her family. Tasha found a new place to live, but she can't just go out and find a new dad.

28. Also, the feud got worse

Also, the feud got worse
Leida was granted a restraining order against Tasha -- which goes on Tasha's record and could hurt her chances on her next rental application or job application. As a result, Tasha had to waste her limited resources fighting that in court. Just one more thing that Leida has taken from her.

29. Good news!

Good news!
After many months of stress and separation, Tasha and Leida made nice. They even bonded over shared passions, such as cosplay. Sometimes, it takes time and space apart before a family can begin to heal. Honestly? A lot of people say that Leida has really changed. Coming from Tasha, we believe it.

30. Tim Malcolm vs Dean Hashim

Tim Malcolm vs Dean Hashim
Dean Hashim is a fan-favorite, so of course he and his brother did some bad-mouthing on pillow talk. Where Tim drew the line was when Dean did external interviews and continued to trash-talk Tim. (Dean also echoed some things that fans had said -- things that were downright transphobic, even though Tim is not transgender)

31. But there's a bright side

But there's a bright side
Dean and Tim made peace. Dean made it clear that anybody who has beef with Tim has beef with him, too. Dean seems to have a bit of a feud with Tarik, actually.

32. Deavan Clegg vs Geoffrey Paschel

Deavan Clegg vs Geoffrey Paschel
As we mentioned, Geoffrey has a laundry list of accusations against him, including domestic violence against various girlfriends, wives, and his children. That makes him the absolute last person with any moral standing to criticize Deavan Clegg's parenting, but he did so anyway -- earning him an epic verbal smackdown from Deavan. Good for you, Deavan!

33. Fernanda Flores vs ... JAX TAYLOR?

Fernanda Flores vs ... JAX TAYLOR?
There's plenty of crossover in the world of reality television, but this was such a weird one. For some reason, Jax Taylor decided to hurl insults at Fernanda and Jonathan back when they were married. Jax said that Fernanda was a "fool" and said that Jonathan "looks poor." Jonathan may not have the wealth of Lisa Vanderpump, but he is a successful realtor and was making bank long before he went on reality TV. There's no love lost between those exes and Jax.

34. Jax Taylor (again) vs Ashley Martson

Jax Taylor (again) vs Ashley Martson
Jax, it turns out, LOVES to neg pretty women who star on 90 Day Fiance, largely by ridiculing their husbands and husbands-to-be. Jax went after Ashley in 2018, making some racist comments about Ashley's fiance, Jay Smith's features and generally being a huge jerk to her. In 2020, when there were widespread calls for Jax to be fired, Ashley added her voice -- and screenshots of DMs that Jax had sent to her -- to the pile.

35. Tom Brooks vs Jesse Meester

Tom Brooks vs Jesse Meester
It's no surprise that Darcey Silva finding a new man after Jesse Meester didn't go off without a hitch. Tom and Jesse feuded for ages. Eventually, though, they made peace, and there were whispers that they felt that they had united against a common foe: Darcey.

36. Jesse Meester vs Jon Walters

Jesse Meester vs Jon Walters
Owing to the fact that being hot is not a substitute for being a good person, Jesse is one of the most disliked dudes in the 90 Day Fiance fandom. Jon poked fun at Jesse's "tiny" package online, and Jesse called him out, accusing him of name-dropping Jesse as a ploy to build up clout. Very mature, guys.

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