90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Angela Deem Goes in For Surgery! Julia Trubkina Has Her Green Card Interview!

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6, Episode 3 showed Angela head to her surgery.

However, after brazenly breaking pre-operation rules, she seriously increased her risk of complications.

Julia and Brandon had an important appointment -- a green card interview.

But one thing was missing from their documentation, and Brandon chose not to tell Julia.

Before Andrei can start working with Elizabeth's family, he and Charlie need to make peace.

It's not clear if that's what either of them really want.

Jovi and Yara had their first episode of the season!

But Jovi clearly has a few things to learn, including what size diapers fit newborns.

Kolini arrives and sees the "new" Asuelu, but tells Kalani that she suspects a trick.

Tiffany updates her mom on things with Ronald, and her mom thinks she'll be happier single.

1. Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
Angela is almost painfully relatable as she miserably drinks soup. She is on a liquid diet before her surgery and, well, largely unflavored liquid soups like what she is drinking feel like you're ladling despair directly into your soul.

2. She's still processing some news

She's still processing some news
She explains to her friend, JoJo, that she's going to have to have a breast reduction, explaining the necessity of it.

3. Angela never really changes

Angela never really changes
She holds up her carton of cigarettes, which -- if she had ever honestly intended to not use -- she should never have brought with her. Angela's lack of impulse control results in more than just her screaming verbal abuse at Michael.

4. JoJo takes it in stride

JoJo takes it in stride
JoJo is Angela's friend, the one who was the American witness to her wedding in Nigeria. A friend who will fly to another continent just to watch you tie the knot is a good one to have. She says to the camera, almost fondly, that no one can control Angela.

5. Like a feral animal

Like a feral animal
Not only does Angela deliberately endanger her own life by smoking right before her surgery, but she does it in a hotel room -- which is just not allowed in any hotel. She seems, time and time again, to be incapable of caring about other people, leaving many to wonder how she has managed to accumulate fans who find her likable.

6. Angela calls Michael

Angela calls Michael
Michael is baffled that Angela's prodigious breasts could be considered a problem, either personally or medically.

7. She also deliberately makes him jealous

She also deliberately makes him jealous
Angela, who we have all seen SCREAM at Michael for literally just having a conversation with any woman for any reason, decides to taunt Michael by describing her handsome surgeon and how he touched her breasts. Why? To test and see if they still have that "connection," which she notes that they do since Michael's response is jealousy. That is toxic behavior.

8. Meanwhile, in Nigeria

Meanwhile, in Nigeria
Michael processes all of this by speaking to his brother, Yekini. He shares his insecurities about Angela's new figure ... apparently concerned that his GMILF will be turning heads left and right after her weight loss.

9. Also ...

Also ...
He's not keen on the idea of Angela's breast size changing.

10. Yekini understands

Yekini understands
When he notes that other men may look at Angela, Michael repeatedly says that they should simply "shut their eyes." But Yekini notes that if Michael cannot trust his wife, they should not be married.

11. Angela calls her psychic

Angela calls her psychic
Her psychic does a reading for her, predicting a successful outcome of the surgery, but also imploring Angela to not smoke. If neither medical advice nor basic human decency were enough, will a psychic's advice tip the scales?

12. Angela makes another call

Angela makes another call
She tries to reach her family but is unsuccessful. She's en route to the surgery at this point and clearly nervous, and she's frustrated that she can't reach them (hey, it happens).

13. Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina
Brandon and Julia have returned from their trip to Vegas and are back in rural Virginia and on the Gibbs farm, where Julia is reminded of how miserable this middle-of-nowhere, labor-intensive existence is for her.

14. She's not happy to be home at ALL?

She's not happy to be home at ALL?
As usual, Brandon is able to shrug off the drudgery of life on the farm, because he is accustomed to it. Julia tells him that she'll be much happier coming back from vacations when they have their own home.

15. They're gearing up for her green card interview

They're gearing up for her green card interview
Brandon assures her that she's totally prepared. Privately, however, he tells the camera that they're missing a proof of residency (like a bill addressed to her) to prove that they live together because she doesn't have any bills like that yet. He hasn't told her because he doesn't want her to freak out, which is ... not a healthy dynamic.

16. Worst case scenario ...

Worst case scenario ...
Julia asks Brandon if she gets denied and forced to leave, will he move to Russia with her? Brandon's response doesn't thrill her.

17. To clarify:

To clarify:
Brandon does make it clear that he would go to Russia with Julia, but he really doesn't want to, so he hope that it never comes up. (That's fair and, honestly, plenty of people who would move for love would not move to Russia for a number of very good reasons)

18. They have a binder full of documentation

They have a binder full of documentation
Julia and Brandon do a Russian custom where they sit still in contemplation of what they're about to do before they head off.

19. Julia explains her fears

Julia explains her fears
There is a lot of political tension between the United States and Russia as the latter's expansionist goals have been paired with cyberattacks and general misbehavior for years now. Julia fears that this will be held against her.

20. Awwww

These two aren't always on the same page, but they really do love each other so much.

21. And the results?

And the results?
They were told that they will need to wait another two weeks, either to be told that Julia is approved or to be asked for further documentation. They're acting chill and nervous about it but, as with Rebecca on Season 8 of original recipe 90 Day Fiance, this is just dragging out the tension -- this almost certainly means that they were approved.

22. Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet
Okay, make all of the jokes about this being what Andrei thinks that "house-flipping" entails now. Get it out of your system. What actually happened here was Andrei building a playhouse for their daughter, and Andrei also being super protective of his daughter, worried about her even handling a hammer when she picked one up to walk to him. I'm not necessarily Andrei's biggest fan but I was of the same mind there.

23. So, what's happening

So, what's happening
After the Potthast family meeting went as well as could be expected (translation: it was a disaster), Libby is really hoping that Andrei can smooth things over with Charlie soon.

24. That won't be easy

That won't be easy
Charlie was a messy drunk at Andrei's wedding in Moldova, giving an embarrassing toast at their second wedding.

25. But ...

But ...
Now, with Andrei joining the family business, they have to put their differences aside in order to work together.

26. Andrei would rather just work with Chuck

Andrei would rather just work with Chuck
Andrei had envisioned this as simply being him working for his father-in-law, but that's not how it works. In fact, Charlie has been asked to show Andrei the ropes. (Also, what in the world is this shirt; it's probably not deliberate but that shirt looks like what the flag would look like in a dystopia. Not saying anything about Andrei, but that shirt looks like it uses slurs)

27. Is this really the best venue?

Is this really the best venue?
If one party involved has problems with alcohol, maybe a brewery isn't the best place to meet up. (Also it is baffling to see these couples just go to restaurants, indoors or outdoors, with or without masks, because this was all filmed long before widespread vaccine distribution, which is still an ongoing process)

28. It begins

It begins
Andrei explains how unhappy he is with Charlie over what went down in Moldova, while Charlie notes to the camera that they haven't really spoken since the Tell All was filmed. Wow.

29. Charlie regrets it ... sort of

Charlie regrets it ... sort of
He regrets the disrespect that he showed to his sister, but not to Andrei, who he feels continues to try to "take advantage" of Chuck's generosity.

30. They will be working together

They will be working together
Andrei says that Charlie is expecting him to fail, and likely hoping to set him up for failure, but that Andrei is a superior human being to Charlie and will succeed instead.

31. Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya
Jovi is out shopping, where his shopping basket looks ... like the shopping basket of a single guy in his 20s and not like that of a new dad who is mostly there to get diapers.

32. Yes, diapers

Yes, diapers
Jovi doesn't see the right size of diapers so he finds the next best thing ... which are too big, as he'll soon find out.

33. Jovi comes home

Jovi comes home
Yara accurately guesses that Jovi has bought a case of beer. Elsewhere in the episode, she admits that she's not sure how much of Jovi staying with her instead of going to bars is a commitment to being more responsible and how much is bars being closed due to the pandemic.

34. We get a recap

We get a recap
Though this couple is very familiar, we get a recap of their history for anyone who missed Season 8. Yara then introduces their beautiful newborn, Mylah.

35. Jovi did not get fruits and vegetables

Jovi did not get fruits and vegetables
Instead, he got lemonade, which he compares to a fruit ... which is EXACTLY my sense of humor and makes Yara crack up.

36. Jovi ... Mylah is 4 days old

Jovi ... Mylah is 4 days old
Mylah needs a diaper for newborns, which that store did not have. Yara notes that he'll need to go out again to get newborn diapers, because that's not optional and what he got are too big for Mylah.

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