9 Fatherly Text Message Fails

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In one way or another, these text message fails all involved someone's dad.

1. I know what that means...

I know what that means...
... and you'll know to be a lot more careful when sending text messages in the future.

2. One letter can change everything

One letter can change everything
Seriously, EVERYthing, as you can see here.

3. Well played, son

Well played, son
If you're gonna receive this kind of text message from your dad, you might as well respond in kind.

4. Coolest. Dad. Ever.

Coolest. Dad. Ever.
We wish this guy was our father.

5. Oh... $HIT!

Oh... $HIT!
As they say on Twitter: That time when you gave your kid your old phone and it has naked photos of your kid's mom on it...

6. Who texts this?!?

Who texts this?!?
Seriously, texter. Learn some life manners.

7. Learning from your mistakes

Learning from your mistakes
While adding that mistake. Yeah. Awkward.

8. Get jiggy, pops!

Get jiggy, pops!
Okay, we take back what we said before. THIS is the coolest dad of all-time.

9. This is how I roll!

This is how I roll!
Oops, sorry. We take it back again. Take a bow, Greatest Dad Ever!

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