9 Delicious Reasons We Wish Samantha Lee Was Our Mother

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Samantha Lee is the mother of two.

Look at the kinds of meals/plates she makes for them everyday.

1. A Samantha Lee Breakfast

A Samantha Lee Breakfast
Say hello to Samantha Lee. She believes meals should tell a story and this is an example of what she means.

2. Samantha Lee Meal

Samantha Lee Meal
This is beautiful. It's a meal made for her children by Samantha Lee.

3. Adele on a Plate

Adele on a Plate
It's Adele! On a plate! Samantha Lee made this amazing looking dish for her kids.

4. Mickey and Minnie Meal

Mickey and Minnie Meal
How cute is this?!? A woman named Samantha Lee made theses two plates for her kids.

5. A Holiday-Themed Plate

A Holiday-Themed Plate
What happens during the holiday season inside Samanta Lee's household? She makes her food looks like a reindeer!

6. A Samanta Lee-Made Meal

A Samanta Lee-Made Meal
Don't you sort of wish Samanta Lee were your mother? She often makes meals such as this for her children.

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