14 Wild and Totally Crazy Tattoos

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What are some of the craziest tattoos we've ever seen?

Good question. Here are the answers!

1. Caitlyn Jenner Tattoo

Caitlyn Jenner Tattoo
Yup, someone went ahead and got a tattoo of Caitlyn Jenner on his left forearm. Gotta admire the dedication... we guess.

2. LeBron James Back Tattoo

LeBron James Back Tattoo
Think you're the biggest LeBron James fans in the world? This guy may have you beat.

3. Family Guy Tattoo

Family Guy Tattoo
Oops! Some dude got this tattoo of Brian from Family Guy... only for the show to then reveal he's actually alive.

4. Mastectomy Tattoo

Mastectomy Tattoo
Facebook has changed its policy to allow photos like this one showing the results of females' mastectomies.

5. O.J. Simpson Tattoo

O.J. Simpson Tattoo
A Buffalo Bills fan got this O.J. Simpson tattoo. And is officially an idiot.

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