21 Wild and Totally Crazy Tattoos People Somehow Have on Them

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What are some of the craziest tattoos we've ever seen?

Good question. Brace yourselves for the answers. These are absolutely ridiculous...

1. IF This Guy Did It?

IF This Guy Did It?
No, he really did. He got an OJ Simpson tattoo.

2. Caitlyn Jenner Tattoo

Caitlyn Jenner Tattoo
Yup, someone went ahead and got a tattoo of Caitlyn Jenner on his left forearm. Gotta admire the dedication... we guess.

3. LeBron James Back Tattoo

LeBron James Back Tattoo
Think you're the biggest LeBron James fans in the world? This guy may have you beat.

4. Family Guy Tattoo

Family Guy Tattoo
Oops! Some dude got this tattoo of Brian from Family Guy... only for the show to then reveal he's actually alive.

5. Netflix Tattoo

Netflix Tattoo
This guy got a Netflix tattoo. That is serious dedication to the cause.

6. Mitt Romney Logo Tattoo

Mitt Romney Logo Tattoo
This guy got a tattoo of Mitt Romney's logo. ON HIS FACE.

7. KFC Double Down Tattoo

KFC Double Down Tattoo
Someone got a tattoo of the KFC Double Down. Really. Seriously. See for yourself.

8. Little Mermaid Tattoo

Little Mermaid Tattoo
This is a real tattoo. It sure looks like someone is a big Little Mermaid fan, huh?

9. The Tattoos Explain So Much

The Tattoos Explain So Much
Go with what you know.

10. Homer Simpson Tattoos

Homer Simpson Tattoos
Someone sure loves Homer Simpson! Look at all these tattoos, people!

11. The Dress Tattoo

The Dress Tattoo
This is a real tattoo. Someone actually got inked with the controversial viral dress whose color no one can agree on.

12. The Eye Has It

The Eye Has It
In this case, that "it" would be a number of spider tattoos.

13. A Cat's Anus

A Cat's Anus
We've seen a cat tattoo before. But we've never seen THIS kind of cat tattoo before.

14. No Shirt, No Service?

No Shirt, No Service?
That will never be a problem for this guy.

15. Why Not, Right?

Why Not, Right?
We could think of MANY reasons why not, but whatever.

16. Talk About a Case of Monkeying Around

Talk About a Case of Monkeying Around
This person better hope she never suffers any kind of belly button accident.

17. Jagerbombs Are Gross

Jagerbombs Are Gross
But you keep doing you, man.

18. This Makes Us Miss the Cat Anus

This Makes Us Miss the Cat Anus
Can we have a moratorium on animal butt-themed tattoos please?

19. Mastectomy Tattoo

Mastectomy Tattoo
Okay, this one is actually kind of cool, considering that it got Facebook to change its policy to allow photos like this one showing the results of females' mastectomies.

20. Another Use of Armpit Hair

Another Use of Armpit Hair
Points for creativity. Negative points for being an immature, sexist moron.

21. We Have a Winner!

We Have a Winner!
Sorry, all other crazy tattoos. You can go home now.

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