37 Worst People of Wal-Mart Photos EVER

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Oh, People of Wal-Mart. You never fail to depress the rest of us about the state of humanity. Or just make us feel really, really good about ourselves.

1. Clothing Optional

Clothing Optional
Hey, she's wearing shoes! That counts for something, right?

2. Abraham Lincoln, Wal-Mart Shopper

Abraham Lincoln, Wal-Mart Shopper
He heard they'd rolled back prices on stovepipe hats and had to see for himself!

3. Doctor's Orders

Doctor's Orders
Hospital food IS sort of gross, so we almost can't blame this guy for heading out to grab some snacks, can we?

4. Before He Cheats

Before He Cheats
Someone is a Carrie Underwood (and colorful language) fan.

5. Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious
In case it wasn't obvious, her shirt spells it out for you and everybody else.

6. Redneck Truck

Redneck Truck
Didn't the El Camino beat these guys to it?

7. Incentive


8. Facebook Mobile

Facebook Mobile
This probably isn't what Facebook meant when it unveiled Facebook MOBILE. (Homographs are hard!)

9. What Would YOU Do For A...

What Would YOU Do For A...
This guy will wrassle your mother in law. For two bucks, he might make her disappear.

10. Wal-Mart-Con

Did this guy make a wrong turn on his way to Comic Con? (No. Probably not.)

11. Genius!

We've heard of putting kids on a leash, but that's way too easy for the kid to get out of. Handcuffs? Not so much.

12. Child Labor

Child Labor
Let's be real. If this were one of those super cool race car carts NONE OF US would blink at this dad wanting to take one for a joy ride.

13. Pets Are People Too

Pets Are People Too
Yes, yes that is a goat in a diaper on a leash in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Your eyes do not decieve you.

14. Lizard Love

Lizard Love
Is that a lizard on his shoulder or is he just happy to shop at Wal-Mart?

15. God Bless the USA

God Bless the USA
Nothing says "God Bless America" like this outfit. Nothing at all.

16. Necrophilia on Aisle WTF?

Necrophilia on Aisle WTF?
WHYYYYYYY would someone wear this!?!

17. Nicki Minaj Called...

Nicki Minaj Called...
She would like her wig back.

18. Maxi Van

Maxi Van
Instead of a minivan, this person drives a MAXI. (Ha. Haha. Hahahah. Okay, moving on.)

19. Setting a Good Example

Setting a Good Example
Yeah, this isn't how you do it. On numerous levels.

20. Trash Heap

Trash Heap
This car gives new meaning to the phrase "hunk of junk."

21. Riding Dirty

Riding Dirty
Is that...are they...IS THAT REAL LIFE!?!? Where is the eyebleach!?!?

22. My Bologna Has a First Name...

My Bologna Has a First Name...

23. Save the Children

Save the Children
No really, someone save that kid!

24. One Headlight

One Headlight
This appears to be a headlight fashioned out of a Halloween bucket and some plastic wrap. Both of which can be purchased at...Wal-Mart.

25. World Cup

World Cup
This guy's ready for the World Cup...as a referee OR a mariachi. Or maybe this is his everyday attire.

26. Spider-man

JUST IN CASE anyone were thinking about robbing this bank inside a Wal-Mart, Spider-man would like you to rethink your decision.

27. Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!
Hey, can you pass the shredded cheddar? And I'll take some slices, too.

28. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek
Let's play spot the sleeping toddler!

29. Just Strolling Along

Just Strolling Along
Either this trunk is broken, this stroller doesn't fold down, or this person doesn't understand how stuff works. It's probably the third.

30. Let Me Take a Selfie

Let Me Take a Selfie
If she were in a Target fitting room, no one would think twice about her swimsuit selfie-love. (P.S. Go with #3!)

31. UR In a Parking Lot

UR In a Parking Lot

32. Well Then

Well Then
If he wants to flip someone off, does he just turn around and walk away instead? Because that could be effective. Maybe?

33. This Isn't Right

This Isn't Right
It's just...it isn't. So much WTF happening here.

34. Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy
They're either trying out the patio furniture or they sat down to watch the people of Wal-Mart only to become People of Wal-Mart themselves.

35. Why GOD?

Why GOD?
What is it with people and inappropriate public displays of affection in Wal-Mart? Or anywhere in public?

36. Our Thoughts Exactly

Our Thoughts Exactly
This girl's face says everything.

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