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With 10,586 stores in 24 countries, Walmart is the world’s largest retail chain by a pretty substantial margin.

As such, it attracts all kinds of people — most of them fine, upstanding folk who are just picking up a few items on their way home from work.

(Or, if they’re anything like us, going in for a few items, and coming out with a cartload of crap they don’t actually need.)

Of course, that’s not the case with every Walmart shopper.

Some of them are folks you’d probably prefer not to know — and some of them multimillionaire celebrities who can’t resist the allure of bargain basement prices on Hanes sweatsuits.

It’s a heady mix!

Yes, whether you’re a Target shopper or a staunch devotee of the Big W, there’s no denying that the People of Walmart are an interesting bunch.

Join us, as we tell their story: