29 Pretty Little Facts About the Pretty Little Liars Cast

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There is plenty you don't know about the Pretty Little Liars. Take these facts, for example.

1. The Pretty Little Liars

The Pretty Little Liars
These Pretty Little Liars have some secrets in their personal lives... and we just can't keep them any longer! Scroll through for some surprising tidbits regarding Lucy, Ashley, Shay and Troian.

2. Karen Hale?!?

Karen Hale?!?
Lucy Hale's first name is NOT Lucy. Her parents gave her the birth name of "Karen," but she's gone by Lucy since she was very young.

3. An Alternative Plan

An Alternative Plan
If Benson were not an actress, she would want to be a doctor or a chef.

4. Her Dog Did WHAT?!?

Her Dog Did WHAT?!?
Hale says she wore braces for about three years. After that, "I had to wear Invisalign for a year because my dog chewed up my retainers." HA!

5. Dog Day

Dog Day
If Benson could be one animal for one day, she would choose to be a dog.

6. Hale is Scared Of...

Hale is Scared Of...
HEIGHTS! She says she fears flying, which must be tough on an actress.

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