29 Pretty Little Facts About the Pretty Little Liars Cast

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There is plenty you don't know about the Pretty Little Liars. Take these facts, for example.

1. The Pretty Little Liars

The Pretty Little Liars
These Pretty Little Liars have some secrets in their personal lives... and we just can't keep them any longer! Scroll through for some surprising tidbits regarding Lucy, Ashley, Shay and Troian.

2. Karen Hale?!?

Lucy Hale's first name is NOT Lucy. Her parents gave her the birth name of "Karen," but she's gone by Lucy since she was very young.

3. An Alternative Plan

If Benson were not an actress, she would want to be a doctor or a chef.

4. Her Dog Did WHAT?!?

Hale says she wore braces for about three years. After that, "I had to wear Invisalign for a year because my dog chewed up my retainers." HA!

5. Dog Day

If Benson could be one animal for one day, she would choose to be a dog.

6. Hale is Scared Of...

HEIGHTS! She says she fears flying, which must be tough on an actress.

7. More Please!

Shay's favorite item to eat is pizza: "I can't say no to pizza! I'll 100 percent eat a whole pie by myself. If I do, I just move on. No guilt."

8. She's a Pot(ter)head!

Benson loves the entier Harry Potter series and has been known to dress up when attending one of the films.

9. Hale's Favorite Dressing Is...

RANCH! She relied on it while recording the album "Road Between."

10. Troian is Smart!

Just how smart? She was valedictorian of her high school.

11. Ouch, Those Gotta Hurt!

Can you guess how many piercings cover Hale's body? Eight.

12. Benson Missed Out On...

The prom. The actress was working so hard on Days of Our Lives that she missed out on this major high school event.

13. Well, That Was Awkward

Well, That Was Awkward
Benson's first kiss occurred ON SCREEN when she portrayed Abby Deveraux on Days of Our Lives.

14. Who's She Gonna Call?

Hale is also on record as saying she believes in ghosts and is intrigued by paranormal activity.

15. Benson's Favorite Boy Band is...

*NSYNC! She once told Twitter fans that she preferred that group over the Backstreet Boys.

16. Shay Had Her First Kiss...

At the age of 13. It took place during a classic game of Spin the Bottle.

17. What About Shay's First Car?

It was a Volkswagon convertible bug. How adorable!

18. Shay's Favorite Artist is...

Beyonce! Mitchell's Instagram account is full of references to the singing star.

19. Putting Up Her Dukes

Putting Up Her Dukes
Shay owns pink boxing gloves and likes to mix it up in the ring for a workout.

20. Troian Has Famous Friends

Troian was neighbors with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and remains tight with them to this day.

21. Troian Has Overcome Troubles

Bellisario used to struggle with eating disorders and self-harm. She's been open about it in hopes that she can help others, saying: "I think there's this insane amount of pressure to perform and sometimes when you have an eating disorder, that gets wrapped up in punishment and restriction with food."

22. Hale Was Almost Alice

She auditioned for that role in The Twilight Saga and says she has a love overall of vampires.

23. She Was Also Almost Hanna!

Hale initially auditioned for the role that went to Ashley Benson.

24. Spicing It Up

Spicing It Up
Not only was Shay Mitchell's first concert the Spice Girls... but she dressed as Posh Spice for it!

25. Shay's Favorite TV Show Is...

I Love Lucy. Yup, she's a fan of the classics!

26. Mitchell as a Model

Shay nabbed her first role as a model in a 2009 episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation ... alongside The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev.

27. Let Her Ride

Troian could have guest-starred on Sons of Anarchy. Did you know she has a motorcycle license?

28. The Bellasario Bloodline

The Bellasario Bloodline
Troian's father is a famous TV producer. He's the man responsible for Quantum Leap!

29. Benson as a Baby

She was born prematurely and weighed only 2 pounds 8 oz, spending the first two months of her life in the hospital.

30. Model Behavior

Benson signed with the Ford Modeling Agency at age 8. And is still signed with them today!

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