29 Disney Easter Eggs

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Get ready for a scavenger hunt! Can you spot these 29 Disney Easter eggs?

1. Frozen / Tangled

Frozen / Tangled
Flynn Rider (Eugene) and Rapunzel are guests at Queen Elsa's coronation!

2. Lady and the Tramp / 101 Dalmations

Lady and the Tramp / 101 Dalmations
Remember the All Dog Salute in 101 Dalmations when Pongy and Purdy are searching for their missing pups? Lady and the Tramp have a cameo.

3. Toy Story 3 / A Bug's Life

Toy Story 3 / A Bug's Life
The children of Toy Story 3's Sunnyside Daycare learned all about bugs, spelling Atta, the name of the queen ant in A Bug's Life.

4. Brave / Monsters, Inc.

Brave / Monsters, Inc.
The carving shop in Brave features an interesting image! That's SULLY from Monsters, Inc!

5. Cars / The Incredibles

Cars / The Incredibles
What's playing on the Radiator Springs Drive-In? Why, nothing else but The Incredimobiles!

6. Aladdin / Beauty and the Beast

Aladdin / Beauty and the Beast
The sultan in Aladdin loves to stack his animal figurines into towers. One of those figurines is the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

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