23 Klassic Keeping Up with the Kardashians GIFs

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These GIFs do a quality job in summing up everything we love AND hate about Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

1. Jiggle, Jiggle!

Jiggle, Jiggle!
Look at it go! Even Kim Kardashian's sisters know where to focus their attention when it comes to the reality star.

2. A Suite Life

A Suite Life
Just call me Donald Trump. I only want the BEST!

3. Pretending to Be Angry

Pretending to Be Angry
Try not to smile next time, Kris Jenner.

4. $1,500 for a Crib!

$1,500 for a Crib!
There are better examples of Scott Disick being a douchebag. But look how young he is!

5. Put It Away!

Put It Away!
Much better, Kris Jenner. This is how you do angry.

6. Get It?

Get It?
Because the show is called KEEPING UP with the Kardashians.

7. Classic Kanye

Classic Kanye
Or, that crazy Yeezus.

8. Sex Sounds

Sex Sounds
Great. Now we'll never be able to watch Kris Jenner play tennis ever again.

9. Good Dog!

Good Dog!
Get her! Get her! Good girl!

10. I'm a Mess

I'm a Mess
Yikes. This sums it up well.

11. Nothing About the Hair, Huh?

Nothing About the Hair, Huh?
Did you miss the cornrows, dude?

12. Ninja Kris!

Ninja Kris!
This is the same face she made when she yelled at that driver.

13. And to Shower It with Love and Stuff, Too.

And to Shower It with Love and Stuff, Too.
We hope, at least.

14. Point, Kendall!

Point, Kendall!
Forget being a model. She has the brains to be a scientist or something.

15. Hands Off!

Hands Off!
Scott Disick is VERY particular about his make-up.

16. Chickening Out

Chickening Out
Wait, who thought buying some chickens was a good idea?

17. TMI Alert!

TMI Alert!
Okay, we admit: we laughed out loud at this.

18. Oh, Crap!

Oh, Crap!
So, so, so, so very much crap. Enjoy cleaning it up, Kris!


Kim is more afraid of spiders than she is of losing pop culture relevance.

20. Playing Chatroulette

Playing Chatroulette
Yeah, sorry. But that does not count, Kim!

21. This is Just Common Sense

This is Just Common Sense
We mean, really. Come on, people!

22. Black Toilet Paper?!?

Black Toilet Paper?!?
Seriously, this freaks us out more than Kris Jenner's tennis grunts.

23. Priorities, Priorities..

Priorities, Priorities..
Glam over all else. Forever!

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