23 Dumb Tweets That Have Actually Been Sent

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As has been well-documented, celebrities often Tweet dumb things.

But they aren't alone!

Below, we've collected a series of the dumbest, most confounding, most asinine Twitter messages that have ever been sent. We're not seeing the people who sent these Tweets are stupid.

But... well... they likely aren't any brain surgeons in the group either:

1. Such a Nice Sentiment

Such a Nice Sentiment
Such a hilariously misguided notion of the meaning behind a certain September holiday.

2. Who is Robin Williams?

Who is Robin Williams?
That would be Robin Thicke. Need we rundown all the ways in which he is different from Robin Williams?

3. Not Funny

Not Funny
We accept that this person may have been kidding. But is a digusting sense of humor any better than sheer, insane ignorance?

4. Keep Your Sex Life Private Please!

Keep Your Sex Life Private Please!
Also, learn how to spell "cologne."

5. His Heart is in the Right Place

His Heart is in the Right Place
But he'll never be able to find the body part to which he's referring here.

6. Lend Them Your Car?

Lend Them Your Car?
We mean, they probably will need a few rides in the future.

7. We're Also #Confused

We're Also #Confused
Maybe some dinosaurs are just nicer than others?

8. We Actually Agree...

We Actually Agree...
... but we have to pretend as if this is a dumb reason to vote someone President.

9. But Take Those High Jeans Off First

But Take Those High Jeans Off First
Right? It only makes sense.

10. No, It Does Not

No, It Does Not
A chicken seizure salad sounds terrible. Heck, we don't even love chicken caesar salads all that much.

11. This B Hilarious

This B Hilarious
Anyone who thinks the Plan B pill doesn't work if you're over 180 pounds is the more dumb one here.

12. Paul McWhoNow?!?

Paul McWhoNow?!?
Thank goodness Kanye West is around to help the kids out there.

13. Blame Obama!

Blame Obama!
Ebola wanted to make a statement about drug companies and premiums.

14. That's Morgan Freeman

That's Morgan Freeman
We do agree with Mandela being a great man, howeve.r

15. That's a Long Time!

That's a Long Time!
Should we bother to teach this person about the concept of "four-year terms" or... you're right. Nah!


That's, like, the equivalent of 27 Presidents being in office.

17. Jaden Smith, Folks!

Jaden Smith, Folks!
He really did write this.

18. A Little Help Please?

A Little Help Please?
This person actually needs A LOT of help.

19. More Disturbing Than Dumb

More Disturbing Than Dumb
Still... yikes! Felt like we needed to include this here.

20. Wait, Didn't the Germans Bomb Pearl Harbor?

Wait, Didn't the Germans Bomb Pearl Harbor?
Now we're REALLY #Confused.

21. Let's Ask Donald Trump!

Let's Ask Donald Trump!
He'll have a good answer to this.

22. Good Riddance

Good Riddance
No way will his power influence you there!

23. Yes.

It's where Barack Obama was born.

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