21 Scandals Stars Wish We'd Forget

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The paparazzi is following them...there's no where to run!

As much as they try to keep that "private" sex tape hidden or downplay that "misunderstood" anti-semitic remark, we were going to find out about it. 

Hollywood's elite can't keep their worst moments buried too long and we're here to remind them of them! Happy viewing, guys! 

1. Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape
She says she regrets doing that infamous sex tape that "leaked" in 2007, but it led Kim K to a reality empire that surpasses Ryan Seacrest's. Seacrest, out!

2. Interrupting Yeezus

Interrupting Yeezus
Kanye West just loves his Beyonce. All he wanted to do was let Taylor Swift know. Yeezus's infamous Tay Tay VMA diss was "oh snap" worthy, but he's now gone on record as apologizing to Swft.

3. Justin Bieber's Last Few Years

Justin Bieber's Last Few Years
The last few years have not been kind to the Biebs. Justin Bieber's gotten into fights, acted like a brat and sped thrugh neighborhoods. He's recently admitted his actions were not appropriate, so we should probably forget them...Nah!

4. Mel Gibson's Mouth

Mel Gibson's Mouth
Mel Gibson just can't stop with the anti-semitic remarks. Didn't he also drunkenly offend a cop? Yeah, he'd probably like us to froget that.

5. Bill Clinton Makes a Confession

Bill Clinton Makes a Confession
In 1998, Bill Clinton said he did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky! He was just kidding. Bill Clinton's one wish? To erase Monica Lewinsky and their "relations" from our memories.

6. Chris Brown, Rihanna Controversy

Chris Brown, Rihanna Controversy
Who could forget the Chris Brown Rihanna controversy. The guy beat the woman and then she forgave him for a hot second. He wishes we'd get over it and she wishes we took her sympathy differenty.

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