25 Most Hilarious Mug Shots Ever

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Crime doesn't pay, but these 25 funny mug shots do. Thanks for the public service of laughter, criminals.

1. Nathaniel Follette Mugs For Mug Shot

Nathaniel Follette Mugs For Mug Shot
Nathaniel Follette posed for this amazing mug shot - possibly the greatest of all time - after a recent arrest for riding his bike through a grocery store.

2. Meta Mug Shot

Meta Mug Shot
This kid got arrested while wearing a shirt featuring a picture of himself....getting arrested.

3. Miss Demeanor

Miss Demeanor
Don't be fooled by her pretty face. She'll probably f*** you up.

4. Bentley Tattoos

Bentley Tattoos
Since this man has the Bentley logo tattoed ON HIS FACE the "identifiable markers" question is super easy.

5. In Case You Forget

In Case You Forget
You can just read the Miranda Rights right off this guy's shirt.

6. Bad Decision Making Skills

Bad Decision Making Skills
That's probably what got him into this mess in the first place.

7. Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day
World's Greatest Dad apparently has a very, very broad definition.

8. Crystal Metheney

Crystal Metheney
Yes, that's her real name.

9. Hot Convict

Hot Convict
Hot Convict's photo went viral and ended with him being offered a modeling contract and having a very pissed off wife.

10. Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here
We're betting she sends a lot of postcards from inside the slammer.

11. Bouffant Beauty

Bouffant Beauty
Amy Winehouse called (from the great beyond). She wants her hair back.

12. Cell Block Tango

Cell Block Tango
If this arrest happened in Chicago, that will literally be the best thing ever for us (and maybe the worst thing for this guy.)

13. Jesus' Followers

Jesus' Followers
Tito and Amanda Watts of Florida were arrested for selling golden tickets to heaven. They didn't work, we're guessing.

14. Mohawk Mug Shot

Mohawk Mug Shot
Did they have to put her in the police car to drag her to the station? Like, how does this hair even fit in a car? And how did she get it to stand up like that? Fiberglass!?!

15. Cry Me a River

Cry Me a River
Tears won't get you out of this one, honey.

16. FBI

Please let this be an arrest for littering or public urination and not for anything that actually involves him inspecting the bodies of women he doesn't know.

17. These Are My Confessions

These Are My Confessions
Here's hoping her t-shirt isn't allowed as an admission of guilt.

18. Pfffft!

Yeah, the officers probably feel the same.

19. Half-Shaved Jesus

Half-Shaved Jesus
Was this guy trying to shave his beard to hide his identity? Does he always walk around like this? Did he get arrested in the middle? So many questions! But not as man as...

20. WHAT UP!

This mom is totally AMPED to be in front of the cameras. So what if they're police cameras.

21. This Guy

This Guy
WHAT EVEN IS THIS!?! Brain cannot process!!

22. THE Law

He is it. He is. Those eyes tell the story.

23. Super Freak

Super Freak
Super mug shot.

24. Derp

Is this what Bozo the clown looks like without the makeup? Does anyone even still remember Bozo the clown?

25. Florida Man Mug Shot

Florida Man Mug Shot
This Florida man got arrested after riding a bicycle through the Taco Bell drive-thru while drunk and then causing a scene. Sounds about right, doesn't it?

26. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
Oh, Biebs. You're the best little punk mug shot taker ever.

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