25 Most Hilarious Mug Shots Ever

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Crime doesn't pay, but these 25 funny mug shots do. Thanks for the public service of laughter, criminals.

1. Nathaniel Follette Mugs For Mug Shot

Nathaniel Follette Mugs For Mug Shot
Nathaniel Follette posed for this amazing mug shot - possibly the greatest of all time - after a recent arrest for riding his bike through a grocery store.

2. Meta Mug Shot

Meta Mug Shot
This kid got arrested while wearing a shirt featuring a picture of himself....getting arrested.

3. Miss Demeanor

Miss Demeanor
Don't be fooled by her pretty face. She'll probably f*** you up.

4. Bentley Tattoos

Bentley Tattoos
Since this man has the Bentley logo tattoed ON HIS FACE the "identifiable markers" question is super easy.

5. In Case You Forget

In Case You Forget
You can just read the Miranda Rights right off this guy's shirt.

6. Bad Decision Making Skills

Bad Decision Making Skills
That's probably what got him into this mess in the first place.

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