20 Things That Make Us Happy

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Here are 20 things that make the staff at The Hollywood Gossip just so happy.

1. Pharrell's 'Happy' Music Video

If Pharrell's "Happy" music video doesn't live up to its name, we don't know what WILL put a smile on your face!

2. Puppies Recreating 'Happy'

That song + cute dogs? "Happy" overload!

3. Military Reunions

Every military reunion is special, but some come to us with extra emotional twists.

4. Local News Fails

There's nothing like a good on-air f-bomb to lighten the mood.

5. Jennifer Lawrence Laughing

Jennifer Lawrence Laughing
Guaranteed to make you happy.

6. Cats Creepin'

The Internet is made of cat videos, and that is a beautiful thing. Here is a personal favorite.

7. Ellen

She's the best.

8. Kate Upton Dancing

Kate Upton Dancing
Comment rendered unnecessary.

9. Taylor Swift Dancing

Taylor Swift Dancing
Taylor Swift dancing is also great, for different reasons.

10. The New Royal Family

The New Royal Family
William, Kate and little Prince George are a cute young family and terrific role models as huge celebrities go.

12. Babies Laughing

Need we say more?

13. Reddit

Reddit rules. As does Tom Hanks.

14. The Bachelor Drama

Whether you take the love story aspect seriously or not at all seriously, The Bachelor never ceases to entertain.

15. Seth Rogen and James Franco

Seth Rogen and James Franco
Seth Rogen and James Franco are both great as individuals ... but when they team up to parody Kimye? Gold.

16. Pregnancy Videos

Pregnancy is always a magical thing for a couple to experience, but some duos have documented it in particularly creative fashion.

17. Selfies

Seriously, what did we do before celebrity selfies were on the Internet for us to smile at and comment on?!

18. Jimmy Kimmel Pranks

Jimmy Kimmel's pranks are the best, even if we are the victim as was the case with this Twerk fail.

19. Ian Somerhalder's Eyes

Ian Somerhalder's Eyes
For all you ladies out there.

20. Dumb Celebrity Tweets

Dumb Celebrity Tweets
Seriously. What great filler.

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