2-Year Old Poses in States of Undress

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A father responded to criticism over photos of his two-year old daughter by creating this art exhibition. It features her pictures and various responses to them from folks on the Internet.

1. Inappropriate or Artistic?

Inappropriate or Artistic?
"This man is a sick f-ck. Why in the world would you do this to your child? Great job, Wyatt Neumann. That poor little girl…" -Ships Go Overboard aka It Burns, April 26, 2014 6:23pm.

2. Child art... or pornography?

Child art... or pornography?
"He’s an attention seeking f-ck. Wake up, Wyatt, you f-cking piece of sh-t." -SelenaKyle, April 26, 2014 8:59am

3. Exploitation or expression?

Exploitation or expression?
"I doubt she’ll ever be in a real school, have any real friends, or develop any real attachments to anything because that would be counterproductive to the isolation her parents probably want to keep her and her brother in. I’ll bet the only people they’re around are their parents 'like-minded' adult friends, a healthy portion of which are probably pedophiles that they’re too blind to see are right there waiting to get their children alone for 5 minutes." -NamelyThis, April 26, 2014 12:47pm

4. Sending a bad message?

Sending a bad message?
"I am a licensed clinical social worker and I work with abused children and adults every day. I have listened to children tell me about their parents selling them for sex to buy drugs, about parents who locked them away in closets for hours at a time without food or water because they wouldn’t stop crying, about parents who beat their children to within an inch of their life, just for being a child. Wyatt, you clearly hold yourself to a higher esteem than those people, but I don’t. You are no better than they are."

5. Are you disgusted?

Are you disgusted?
"What a disgusting father." -WTF, April 26, 2014 10:20am

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