19 People Who REALLY Should Have Logged Off Facebook

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If you have a Facebook account, chances are you've learned to guard it with your life.

Or, OK, it's not that dramatic, but you definitely have to be careful with your social media pages in this day and age.

Say, for instance, that you're a dumb teenager using your Facebook to talk trash about your parents. When you're done, log out.

Or perhaps you're out shopping, come across an Apple store, and decide to use some Macbook for sale to check your business. When you're done, log out.

And if you don't ... well, we'll let this poor souls teach you what can happen.

1. She Didn't Tell Me She Was 15!

She Didn't Tell Me She Was 15!
Was your Facebook hacked, Jonathan? Was it REALLY?

2. Apple Store Shenanigans

Apple Store Shenanigans
Don't worry, Johnathon. We're sure all of Emilie's friends will enjoy this picture of you. You're doing God's work, friend.

3. Poop!

... And this is how we learn that not every Apple employee is as kind as Johnathon.

4. Jilted Cab Driver

Jilted Cab Driver
The lesson here is pretty clear: don't be a dick to your cab driver.

5. How Low Can You Be?

How Low Can You Be?
Really, if you steal medicine from your friend who has cancer and who is also nice enough to let you live with her ... a Facebook hacking is the least of what you deserve.

6. You Done Messed Up, Marshall

You Done Messed Up, Marshall
Remember when you had to break up with douchebags face to face? No more!

7. The Most Savage Mom of All

The Most Savage Mom of All
So glad to hear that Jon's surgery went well. Prayers for a quick recovery!

8. Sweet Like a Candy Apple ...

Sweet Like a Candy Apple ...
If we were Pedro, we wouldn't even be mad. This is beautiful.

9. The Ol' Bieber Trick

The Ol' Bieber Trick
Sometimes Facebook hacking isn't just about writing fun statuses. Sometimes Facebook hacking is about liking over 50 different Justin Bieber fan pages.

10. Nickelback Love

Nickelback Love
OK, this one crosses a line. Too cruel.

11. No Friends!

No Friends!
Embrace it, Daniel. Embrace it.

12. Ouch, Dad

Ouch, Dad
Young Chris will likely never recover from this. Our condolences.

13. Oh No, Not Wicked Gay and Dumb!

Oh No, Not Wicked Gay and Dumb!
Use your best judgement here, Olivia.

14. Justice!

A day in the life of a person named Swisher, right?

15. Sometimes All You Can Do is :(

Sometimes All You Can Do is :(
Cameron ... no. Stop. You're terrible.

16. Poor Andrew

Poor Andrew
Sweet, simple Andrew. Sweet, simple, confused, ovulating Andrew.

17. So Many Nickels!

So Many Nickels!
Just in case you're curious, $205.05 is 4,101 nickels. Busy busy!

18. Oh, Mom!

Oh, Mom!
In a beautiful twist, the mom isn't the one who made the embarrassing birthday wish -- some dedicated fool at Walmart stepped up. The power of community, right?

19. Andres = The Real MVP

Andres = The Real MVP
Don't let 'em get you down, Andres. You tell your story and be proud.

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