19 Most Popular Boy Baby Names of 2016

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Welcome to the world, male babies born in 2016!

While we celebrate the miracles of life that have come to recently be, it's time to share a rundown of the most popular boy baby names from the past 12 months.

Along with the celebrities we assume inspired these names.

Courtesy of BabyCenter.com, the 19 most popular boy baby names of 2016, in descending order, were...

19. Alexander

Alexander Skarsgard may have influenced some of these parents, but let's be real: this is all about Alexander Hamilton.

18. Logan

Logan and Veronica Mars, forever!

17. Jayden

Wow. Sorry, Jaden Smith. We'll never make fun of you again.

16. James

Always a classic. We choose to believe it was most influenced in 2016 by James Corden.

15. Carter

We mean... Carter Capps is a pretty good relief pitcher.

14. Benjamin

You could do a lot worse than have your son grow up to look like Benjamin Bratt.

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