19 Hilarious Reactions to the US Airways Tweet

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US Airways Tweeted a vulgar image in April 2014. It was gross.

But it also led to these HILARIOUS online responses!

1. Classic Amy Schumer

Classic Amy Schumer
Really, this is all Amy Schumer's fault.

2. An Inside Job

An Inside Job
A deep, deep inside job, we should add.

3. Auto Pilot in Charge

Auto Pilot in Charge
Reference Airplane! and you earn a spot in our countdown.

4. Different Kind of Red Eye

Different Kind of Red Eye
Some guys may actually enjoy red eyes now.

5. Excessive Leg Room

Excessive Leg Room
Gives a whole new meaning to "leg room," huh?

6. Black Box Recovery

Black Box Recovery
Nope, that black box is never coming back.

7. Wanna Fly Aer Lingus?

Wanna Fly Aer Lingus?
Two words. One hearty laugh.

8. Screwed by an Airline

Screwed by an Airline
We've all been screwed by airline, but come on now.

9. New Ending to Lost

New Ending to Lost
Oh, okay. So THIS is how Lost ended!

10. Tweet/Plane Removal

Tweet/Plane Removal
Seriously, that plane has to be removed.

11. Too Easy

Too Easy
This one was too easy, but no less hilarious.

12. Landing Strip Miss

Landing Strip Miss
This does give a whole new meaning to the concept of a landing strip.

13. Double US Airways Slam!

Double US Airways Slam!
Points for slamming US Airways twice in this one.

14. Near a Crying Baby

Near a Crying Baby
We may have a winner for best US Airways-related Tweet.

15. Hehe, Bangkok

Hehe, Bangkok
A direct flight to Bangkok, folks.

16. Flying Everywhere!

Flying Everywhere!
Yes, readers, US Airways flies everywhere apparently.

17. Gate 1 vs. Gate 2

Gate 1 vs. Gate 2
It's true. We could think of a worse place for the plane to go.

18. Best. Quitter. Ever.

Best. Quitter. Ever.
Sorry, George Constanza. This person is the best at quitting his/her job.

19. As for the Passengers...

As for the Passengers...
Who knew Ken Jennings could be this funny?!?

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