18 Groundbreaking Magazine Covers

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When Caitlyn Jenner came out as a woman on the cover of Vanity Fair, she nearly did stop the presses.

But the transgender star was merely the latest celebrity to make major headlines for posing on the cover of a magazine.

Over the years, many actors/actresses/athletes have blazed a noteworthy trail on the front of a national publication, either for taking their clothes off while pregnant or taking their clothes off while NOT pregnant.

Yes, many of these covers feature nudity.

Consider yourself warned and check out some of the most iconic celebrity magazine covers of all-time:

2. Ellen DeGeneres is Gay

Ellen DeGeneres is Gay
Yup, Ellen DeGeneres is gay. This is part of her persona now, but it was groundbreaking news when she came out in 1997.

3. Demi Moore Goes Nude

Demi Moore Goes Nude
It's commonplace now. But this Demi Moore Vanity Fair cover kickstarted the trend of stars posing naked while pregnant.

4. Jennifer Aniston on GQ

Jennifer Aniston on GQ
Viewers saw Jennifer Aniston very differently after this cover came out in 2009. She went from being Friendly to being drop dead sexy.

5. Honoring Princess Diana

Honoring Princess Diana
We all wish this magazine cover never had to be. But People best portrayed Princess Diana in 1997, as a world mourned her passing.

6. No Nipplegate Here!

No Nipplegate Here!
Just try to find a male college student in the early 1990s who did not have this magazine cover as a poster in his dorm room.

7. Bill Blows It

Bill Blows It
Many magazines have featured Bill Clinton. But only this 2000 edition of Esquire had him pose in a position that made it look like the former POTUS was awaiting oral sex. Come on... both sides clearly knew what was going on here.

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