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Caitlyn Jenner is in love with Caitlyn Jenner.

Or at least with the Caitlyn Jenner photos that grace the new issue of Vanity Fair.

Referring to photographer Annie Leibovitz, Jenner gushes in excerpts from his Vanity Fair cover story:

"These pictures… Annie, Vanity Fair, spared nothing doing it right, and the wardrobe, everything involved with it were just, the people were just great. It was two of the best days of my life.

"The pictures came out over-the-top great."

They really are. They capture Caitlyn so perfectly that Rob Kardashian did not even recognize his own father upon first seeing the shots.

Jenner says she was "worried" about the spread because "you never want to look like a guy in drag, you never want to look like a guy in a dress," elaborating:

"If you’re going to do that, come out, you really have to look the part. You have to look very feminine… what I call my presentation is extremely important because it puts people at ease."

In the following video, Caitlyn discussed the transgender role models that have helped shape her transition:

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Jenner relied on help from Kim Kardashian‘s glam squad for her Vanity Fair shoot – and she makes it pretty clear that the days of dressing like a man are done.

"To be able to wake up in the morning, be yourself, get dressed, get ready to go out, and just be like a normal person. That’s a wonderful feeling to go through life.

"I’ve never been able to do that; it’s always been confusion, it’s always been, you know, I’ve got one side [with] boy clothes, the other side’s women’s clothes. It’s like I cleaned the whole closet out- the boys stuff is gone, okay?"

Okay, Caitlyn. It’s very, very, very okay.