Taylor Swift Shows Belly Button, Inspires Disturbing Photoshops

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For some reason, Taylor Swift's belly button is a big deal on the Internet. Actually, it's a huge deal.

In some circles, the Swifty navel is as popular as jokes about bacon and memes created by mashing up an inspirational quote with a picture of a sunset.

There was a time when it was rumored that Taylor's belly button doesn't exist. Seriously, that was a thing for a while.

Fortunately, Taylor has since put that rumor to rest several times over, most recently in a navel-based photo session uploaded over the weekend.

Naturally, dozens of bored Photoshop enthusiasts went to town on the pic and uploaded edits that range from hilarious to deeply disturbing.

Like we said, the Internet = weird sh-t. Enjoy!

1. Taylor Swift's Belly Button

Taylor Swift's Belly Button
The original. Taylor displays her navel with a friend. Seems innocent enough...until the Internet gets a hold of it.

2. Taylor and Krang

Taylor and Krang
Sometimes the Ninja Turtles arch-nemesis prefers a sleeker ride. That's when he climbs inside Taylor's taut tummy.

3. Taylor and Patrick

Taylor and Patrick
Sometimes you fall asleep under the sea and wake up in Taylor Swift's shorts. That's one lucky starfish.

4. The Taylor Monkeys

The Taylor Monkeys
"Hey, hey we're the monkeys! People say we live in Taylor Swift's shorts."

5. Taylor's Black Hole

Taylor's Black Hole
Get your mind out of the gutter. We're talking about her belly button!

6. Taylor and Alien

Taylor and Alien
Taylor recreates a scene from a Sigourney Weaver classic. Would that be a Taylien?

7. Taylor Rocks Out

Taylor Rocks Out
So that's why Taylor Swift used to only perform with a guitar. It all to cover her belly button...

8. Taylor's Got Abs

Taylor's Got Abs
Taylor got a six-pack that would make The Situation jealous. We're more than little disturbed.

9. Taylor and Danny Devito

Taylor and Danny Devito
That's a nude, greased-up Danny DeVito crawling out of Taylor's shorts. We have no words.

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