17 Cute and Quirky Love Letters

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Everyone has a different version of love. Check out these quirky and cute notes now!

1. Everyone Poops

Everyone Poops
But not everyone loves you like I do!

2. Sorry! I Love You!

Sorry! I Love You!
Isn't sharing a toothbrush really so gross when this couple has likely shared some other bodily fluids?

3. Husband Hide and Seek!

Husband Hide and Seek!
We don't really get this one, but imagine coming home and finding this note from your husband. Who would NOT be excited?!?

4. Look, I'm Not a Poet...

Look, I'm Not a Poet...
... I just want a dry rear end.

5. An Oldie But a Goodie

An Oldie But a Goodie
Hmmm... can you even read this in your old age?

6. All About That Bass!

All About That Bass!
No trouble here! Keep shaking it!

7. Best Wife Ever?

Best Wife Ever?
It may not even be a contest.

8. May You Reign Forever!

May You Reign Forever!
Without ever getting up, of course.

9. Points for Creativity

Points for Creativity
But not for taste. This banana looks very old.

10. Chickening Out

Chickening Out
But ONLY chickening out. Ready for everything else!

11. Something is Missing

Something is Missing
This guy actually puts love BEFORE chicken.

12. Phone Home

Phone Home
And, you know what they say, home is where the heart is.

13. Jessica, You Are My Sun... shine

Jessica, You Are My Sun... shine
And, with these words, Jessica ran away to a galaxy far, far, FAR away.

14. We Think This is a Compliment

We Think This is a Compliment
But we aren't scientists.

15. Let's Cross Our Streams

Let's Cross Our Streams
If you know what I mean!

16. Don't Ask for Details

Don't Ask for Details
Seriously. Just say thank you.

17. A National Treasure

A National Treasure
This man's love for this woman simply cannot be... caged.

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