19 Valentine's Day Cards For the Awkward, Awesome Love in Your Life

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Valentine's Day 2018 is here, lovebirds!

In celebration of this annual romantic occasion, enjoy these 19 awesomely awkward cards that help you say I love you ...

... or other very different things.

1. Modern Love

Modern Love
This is what long-term relationships aspire to be like in the age of the iPhone.

2. Commitment is Scary

Commitment is Scary
Let's just put that out there at the onset before we get too serious.

3. We're a Thing

We're a Thing
Who needs labels? I'm glad we're a thing, whatever that thing might be.

4. #webothhatethesamestuff

Nothing sums up a match made in heaven than a hashtag acknowledging mutual dislike for the same things.

5. Obsessed With You

Obsessed With You
I'm obsessed with you. But I know that sounds kind of weird, so I swear it's non-creepy.

6. I Love You and Cats

I Love You and Cats
Because relationships come and go, but cats are forever.

7. You Auto-Complete Me

You Auto-Complete Me
You don't just complete me. You complete me so obviously that a search engine knows it instantly.

8. You're Okay

You're Okay
You're okay on Valentine's Day. The ultimate vote of confidence.

9. Three Words, Eight Letters

Three Words, Eight Letters
It's not always easy to say "I love you" ... in fact most of the time it can be excruciating.

10. More Than Pizza

More Than Pizza
If you love someone more than pizza, he or she must be a keeper ... because PIZZA!!

11. There's a Card For Everything

There's a Card For Everything
This Valentine's Day card may be really specific, but if you're in this situation, how perfect is it?!

12. Pause-Worthy

I would pause my game for you, which means you must be really special.

13. You Are Not Bad

You Are Not Bad
A perfect Valentine's Day message for someone who doesn't totally suck at life.

14. I Like Like You

I Like Like You
I more than just like you. I like like you. If that makes any sense.

15. Kanye Loves Kanye

Kanye Loves Kanye
Kanye loves Kanye, a lot, and I love you almost to that ridiculously high degree.

16. I Heart You, Asterisk

I Heart You, Asterisk
I heart you ... but with a fairly long and involved disclaimer.

17. Taking it Slow

Taking it Slow
The ever-popular "let's take things slow" V-Day card, with hilarious Internet Explorer analogy.

18. Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer
No matter how mediocre your secret admirer is ... at least someone's into you?

19. R U A Beaver?

R U A Beaver?
We know. We also can't believe we found a Valentine's Day card involving a beaver that isn't in any way dirty.

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