17 Amazing Nic Cage GIFs

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Some memorable GIFs featuring eccentric actor. Nicolas Cage. Just because.

Do we really need a reason? NOTE: By "memorable," we mean terrifying.

1. The Cage Liquor Store Strut

The Cage Liquor Store Strut
Nicolas Cage played a raging alcoholic in Leaving Las Vegas. It's a role he reprises every weekend.

2. Praise the Cage

Praise the Cage
Cage is a gift from above. So it's fitting that he seems to really enjoy church.

3. Nic Cage-Lena Dunham Mash-Up

Nic Cage-Lena Dunham Mash-Up
Some genius superimposed Cage's face on Lena Dunham's body. We may never sleep again.

4. Caged Fury

Caged Fury
Cage pulling a gun on some old ladies in Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. Doesn't even make the top ten list of strangest things he does in that film.

5. Caged Beast

Caged Beast
Face-Off features some of Cage's finest freak-outs. Which is saying something, because "Freak Out" is his middle name.

6. Nicolas Cage Hump

Nicolas Cage Hump
Adaptation features one of Cage's finest performances. It also features him humping Maggie Gyllenhaal at a party.

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