15 Wives Who are Winning at Marriage

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The following women may not want to be associated with Charlie Sheen in any way, shape or form, but it must be said:

They are totally WINNING at marriage!

Because we all know being Man and Wife can often be difficult, but these better halves are doing their part to make it as fun as can be...

1. Game... On!

Game... On!
This was awesome enough even before she quoted The Hunger Games.

2. Shower Wine!

Shower Wine!
Really, this wife calls this her "shower wine."

3. A Helpful Fashion Consultant

A Helpful Fashion Consultant
You can say so much with a simple paper plate.

4. Priorities in Order

Priorities in Order
Okay, the husband may not say his wife is winning in this case.

5. Cat of the Month Club

Cat of the Month Club
This wife awards a "Cat of the Month" in her house every month. It's worth noting: they have one cat.

6. An Unexpected Booty Call

An Unexpected Booty Call
This woman found an unusual way to personalize her Keurig.

7. We Have a Winner!

We Have a Winner!
Sorry, all other wives around the world. But just try to top this!

8. Even the Husband Had to Laugh at This

Even the Husband Had to Laugh at This

9. Laying Down the Rules Early

Laying Down the Rules Early
You have to, right?

10. She Knows Him Well

She Knows Him Well
Like, REALLY well.

11. Whoa There!

Whoa There!
How do you really feel about your man's penis?

12. Rules of the House

Rules of the House
Take note of the one very important rules.

13. Follow the Flow Chart

Follow the Flow Chart
Any questions?

14. Thanks for the Warning!

Thanks for the Warning!
Nice try, cat.

15. And the Best Advice of All...

And the Best Advice of All...
It's so very true.

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