13 Reasons We Adore Taylor Swift

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It's been made very clear over the years: This is Taylor Swift's world. The rest of us are just living in it.

This musical superstar is beloved around the world not just for her catchy singles, but also for her interactions with fans... her down-to-Earth personality... and, of course, her cats.

We've tried to capture just a few reasons why we adore Taylor Swift in the following video gallery, posting a number of times the artist has gone viral over the past several months.

A number of funny/talented/awe-inspiringly awesome times the artist has gone viral, that is:

1. She's Always There for Her Fans!

This Taylor Swift video WILL make you cry. It shows the singer wrapping gifts and handing them out to fans.

2. She Visits Cancer Patients

She Visits Cancer Patients
Multiple times over the years, Swift has stopped by a hospital and spent valuable time with young cancer patients.

3. She Loves Her Cat!

She Loves Her Cat!
Ricky Martin covers Vanity Fair Espana with his two sons, Matteo and Valentino. Pretty great.

4. She Surprises Concert Goers!

Taylor Swift performed her smash hit "Style" in London this week. Take a look at the famous faces her joined her on stage for it.

5. She's Psycho! In the Best Way Possible!

Taylor has a sense of humor. Watch her parody her reputation as a man eater in the official video for "Blank Space."

6. She Can Lip-Sync! To Herself!

Here is something you don't see too often: it's a video of Taylor Swift lip-syncing... her very own song! She does a very good job.

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