13 Stars Who Should Never Host the VMAs Ever Again

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For the record, we could never host the MTV Video Music Awards.

It's a tough job, having to be cool and hip and pretty and funny and not look like you're trying too hard or anything.

Then again, we're not celebrities. And it's sort of the job of celebrities to pull all of these things off well.

The following celebrities have it a shot as hosts of the MTV Video Music Awards over the years. And, simply put, we hope they never get asked back.

They were terrible...

1. Dan Akyord and Bette Midler (1984)

Dan Akyord and Bette Midler (1984)
No, really, these two hosted the first-ever VMAs. No one really remembers because Madonna's "Like a Virgin" performance stole the show. But no one really remembers because they weren't very good, either.

2. Dana Carvey (1992)

Dana Carvey (1992)
He was big on SNL. He was coming off Wayne's World. But aside from dressing up as Garth, an obvious move at the time, Carvey was a flop.

3. Christian Slater (1993)

Christian Slater (1993)
Christian Slater was (is?) a heartthrob at the time. But this isn't an actor who has ever been known for his comedic chops.

4. Chelsea Handler (2011)

Chelsea Handler (2011)
She sat in a hot tub with cast members of the Jersey Shore. That was funny. But Handler couldn't be AS lewd as she likes to be, which may have been why she failed.

5. Diddy (2005)

Diddy (2005)
We used to think Diddy could do it all: rap, produce, act, etc. But then we saw him try to be funny in 2005... and our thoughts changed.

6. Ben Stiller (2002)

Ben Stiller (2002)
Not a total trainwreck. But Stiller excepts at sketches, not at improve or at managing a show.

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