13 Stars Who Prove Women Can Be Douchebags, Too

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It's a word used often in this country, but it's a word that is almost only applied to men for some reason.

We're not sure why this is... but we're here to change it! We're here to be equal opportunity insulters.

Because, really, we can't think of another term that better encapsulates the following female celebrities, can you?

1. Kate Gosselin

Her whining and her ordering around of her husband from their reality show days will haunt our nightmares forever. It doesn't get much worse than a woman who values fame over the well-being of her children. DOUCHEBAG!

2. Wendy Williams

She isn't funny, let's start with that. More importantly, though, her only go-to move as a talk show host is to chime in on other people's scandals and pain, offering up any opinion that will get her noticed. DOUCHEBAG.

3. Bristol Palin

We really wouldn't care that you've gotten pregnant twice out of wedlock. Everyone makes mistakes. Your son is really cute. Go live your life. Just please shut up about your morals and values and everything that is wrong with this country while redefining the word "hypocrite" at every turn. DOUCHEBAG.

4. Azealia Banks

You're a wildly successful artist and a very rich individual. If you want to make nuanced, intelligent commentaries on race, by all means... do so. But ranting at all times about how you are being held down, and constantly calling out other artists, has grown very tiresome. DOUCHEBAG.

5. Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl didn't just bite the hand that fed her; she devoured it whole back when she called out writers on Grey's Anatomy for not giving her Emmy-worthy material. Her career has sank tremendously since then and she is known as being very hard to work with. DOUCHEBAG.

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