14 Low-Rated High-Fives

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In a word: OOPS! Check out a few high-fives that didn't exactly go as planned.

1. This May Leave a Mark

This May Leave a Mark
OUCH! Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network nearly takes out this fan's eye with an overly enthusiastic high-five.

2. A Fist Pump Will Suffice

A Fist Pump Will Suffice
Hey! Alright! Up top! I mean... fist pump, man. Fist pump!

3. Someone? Anyone?

Someone? Anyone?
Yup, even Tom Brady has been left high and dry.

4. Last Second Save!

Last Second Save!
And these two ended up getting married! (NOTE: That's not true, but would make for a great story, wouldn't it?)

5. Big Show, Big Diss

Big Show, Big Diss
The Big Show will high-five when he wants to high-five and to whom he wants to high-five, thank you very much.

6. Wait For It... Wait For It...

Wait For It... Wait For It...
Derek Fisher has a lot of patience. Which will serve him well as coach of the Knicks.

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