13 Kids Who Asked for the Perfect Gift(s) from Santa Claus

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Kids from all walks of life want very different things from Santa Claus. Read these letters to see what we mean.

1. A Stress Reliever

A Stress Reliever
We hear this is how Floyd Mayweather got started.

2. Evie Needs Present

Evie Needs Present
But she never needs to stop writing down every single thought on her mind at all times.

3. Oh, Brother

Oh, Brother
Hey, at least he wants his brother to be brought back.

4. Something Evil

Something Evil
Really, anything evil will do.

5. One Sausage Please!

One Sausage Please!
Someone has his priorities straight at least.

6. Money Talks!

Money Talks!
You could probably buy your own Elsa bed with that money, kid.

7. More Money Talks Louder!

More Money Talks Louder!
Can we please get the coolest kid of all-time a statue of Marty McFly?

8. Change to Spare?

Change to Spare?
You can't really buy a statue of Marty McFly for that kind of coin.

9. Cinnamon, Donuts and Babies!

Cinnamon, Donuts and Babies!
This girl would like some more babies. After she gets soem donuts and cinnamon.

10. The Young Man with the Plan

The Young Man with the Plan
We're a little afraid of what they plan actually is.

11. X-Men and Narnia!

X-Men and Narnia!
Give this kid credit for thinking BIG, right?

12. What Christmas is All About

What Christmas is All About
Can Santa get us some Kleenex for Christmas? This kid just made us cry.

13. Dressing to Impress

Dressing to Impress
Also, a hamster.

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