13 Unusual Celebrity Hobbies

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Which celebrity is a master crafter? Tap dancer? Find out now as you scroll through this gallery of 13 celebrities with odd hobbies.

1. Taylor Swift Does Needlepoint!

Taylor Swift Does Needlepoint!
In addition to dancing like nobody's watching, Taylor Swift crafts by making her own snowglobes and doing needlepoint.

2. David Arquette Knits!

David Arquette Knits!
David Arquette is a pro knitter. We're betting he made daughter Coco at least one pair of booties.

3. Johnny Depp Collects Dolls!

Johnny Depp Collects Dolls!
Johnny Depp collects Barbies and other dolls. Those based on celebrities are among his favorites, like his Lindsay Lohan doll, complete with ankle monitor.

4. Angelina Jolie Collects Daggers!

Angelina Jolie Collects Daggers!
Angelina Jolie collects daggers. She started her collection at age 11 and passed her love of the sharp, pointy objects on to son Maddox when he was 7.

5. David Beckham Fences!

David Beckham Fences!
David Beckham fences with his pals Tom Cruise and Will Smith. He loses 2 hot points for being friends with crazypants Tom Cruise but gains 1034920 more hot points for all of his shirtless photos.

6. Kate Moss Swims!

Kate Moss Swims!
Kate Moss is a synchronized swimmer. She spent a week in Thailand in 2010 just to perfect a routine for her friends and family.

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