13 Epic Tattoo Fails

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Not every tattoo goes as planned. Need a few examples of what we mean?

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1. I'm Awsome

I'm Awsome
Awesome font, dude. Less awesome spelling ability, however.

2. Don't Juge Me!

Don't Juge Me!
Only God will judge this guy. But English teachers may feel a need to chime in.

3. Exreme Living

Exreme Living
This guy is living such an extreme life that he doesn't even have time for a "t."

4. Mitt Romney Face Tattoo

Mitt Romney Face Tattoo
We admire the dedication. And don't admire how much it will hurt to have this removed.

5. Kentucky Championship Tattoo

Kentucky Championship Tattoo
Kentucky came within seven points of making this guy the most prescient tattoo owner of all-time. Alas.

6. Tradgey vs. Comedy

Tradgey vs. Comedy
What happens when tragedy meets comedy? We'll never know from this tattoo.

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